Days 9 & 10

Alright, I thought some of the bird gifts were hard. I was wrong. 9 ladies dancing....I have a few ideas but 10 lords a leaping? I have nothing. Well, I have not started looking yet but I think this one will be a stretch.

So, let's start with the 9 ladies dancing.

You guys should have known I would choose this -- The Zumba soundtrack. I must admit, I do have this and I love it. It really pumps you up and I have used it as background music several times when I had a get together and served Mexican food. However, I just learned tonight that they have 2 other cds! I had no idea. Mom, Al, potential Christmas gifts ; ).

How about ballet slippers? Who wouldn't want to put these on at the end of the day?
And, although, this is city specific for my aunt -- dance lessons would be an obvious choice and a fun gift!

Now for 10 Lords a I am writing this I still have no clue. So, we will see what a search comes up with!

Duh!!! This just came to me! How about something adorable from Multiple Blessings!? I featured her cute designs previously in my contest that Caroline so generously sponsored! But, this would be perfect for Day 10 of my aunt's project. This is a mirrored tissue holder with the verse, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own own understanding..." Proverbs 3:5.

I love life lesson books and this one looks too cute! Who wouldn't want Kermit the Frog's life lessons?

Okay, so that wasn't so difficult. That is why google is my best friend! Good night! More tomorrow!


  1. katie d!! you have the cutest blog ever! so glad u said hi.. it's very nice to hear from you. i hope you are doing fabulously and please keep in touch.



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