Meant to Tell You...

I forgot to tell you guys about 2 things that Sage has coming up!

1- Go see Catherine at the Boo Ha Ha Parade and you will see the beautiful work of our entrepreneur group and get a 10% discount on a Sage party! Catherine is giving out Gummy Worms with a fun recipe for Dirt Cake and on the reverse is your party discount. So, when your kids are trick or treating on Brookside, be sure to stop by her shop at 38th & Peoria!

2- Catherine is offering a class for non-cookers like me who want to create a great Thanksgiving dinner but don't know how. Here are the details from her site:

Let's talk TURKEY: Are you interested in learning how to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving?? If so, please send an email to If there is enough interest, we will create a "Cooking for Thanksgiving" class for ADULTS. Please let us know if you are interested in a day or evening class.

What a brilliant idea! I will post some pics of the Dog Costume Contest this afternoon. I can't wait! I am supposed to get my camera back, so fingers crossed that it will work! XOXO


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