Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween around the Web

You guys, online there are THE cutest Halloween ideas. Too bad I am just not that into Halloween. I think it is the dressing up.

Halloween fan or not, I can still bring you guys the cuteness.

First, stop on over to Everyday Celebrating. She has really easy directions on how to make these adorable ghost cookies. Basically take nutter butters, dip them into melted white chocolate, and use tiny chocolate chips for the eyes. Cuteness!

photo credit: Taste of Home

Also featured on Everyday Celebrating are cupcake covers from Etsy shop SugarRobot. Hello, these are freaking brilliant. Make your cupcakes, add frosting and then stick these fondant characters on top. Another, why didn't I think of that? Well, not really. I would just rather buy these.

Next stop: Celebrations at Home. Today she has a montage of adorable pumpkin ideas. I love these with the vinyl stickers. So clever.
Mom, wouldn't these be such a fun project? I love the ones with the ribbon and sequins. I would have the most glam pumpkins ever.
I found these adorable pumpkins embellished with upholstery tacks on Let's Entertain. Find full directions at My Home Ideas.
Lastly, check out Not Martha for some very clever (and easy) Halloween treats that are sure to trick any kid! She gives full directions on her site on how to make these!

So, if any of you guys do these you must show me your final project!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy me!

I still have a few days, but my big birthday is coming up. Really soon. My sweet sister, sister-in-law, husband and Megan were nice enough to throw me a birthday party. Unfortunately, my sister couldn't make it. I think Finley just really wanted to come to the party.

Megan totally became party planner extraordinaire! Here are some pics from the big event.

Allison had preordered cupcakes from Simply Cupcakes. All I have to say is A-mazing. I did happen to sample all three. The carrot cake cupcakes were to die for, but they were all awesome. Kelsey, you would have had an all new favorite cupcake place. ; )

The cute cupcake toppers were done by The TomKat Studio to match my invites.

Megan also put them on vases around the room with my favorite candies.

Who doesn't love York Peppermint patties?

My sister had started this banner before she went into labor. My mom finished the letters and my sister put it together in the hospital. That is one dedicated party planner.

Up close.
And lets talk about the savory cheesecake. This one was awesome! Have I told you guys about my cheesecake guy? He does security where I work. He is a Tulsa Police Officer, but went to culinary school and makes the world's most amazing cheesecakes on the side. His appetizer cheesecakes are amazing. His sweet cheesecakes make the Cheesecake Factory's cheesecakes look like chopped liver. He is awesome. If you want his brochure, let me know your email and I will send it to you.

This cheesecake was the Little Italy. Kind of tasted like bruschetta. Totally tasted like deliciousness. Um, yum!

I also wanted to share this news clip about my party ;)

This is really cute for a kid. Here is the link...very bottom of the page under embed this link on your video or blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to my Regularly Scheduled Program...Soon

Okay, so I have to share more pics of Baby Finley! She is just perfect! Even Tommy is very interested in the baby! I wonder if we can go a day without seeing her? Well, probably not. Couple that with the fact that everytime we go over there we get fed, we may just move in. Tommy is loving a home cooked meal. Ha! Luckily, Allison only lives four miles away!

This is Finley in her new hat. It is so big...

Her whole body can fit in it.

She loves her lamb swing. Look how cozy!

Finley loves Uncle Tommy.

Finley loves Aunt Katie too.

Finley's room is really cute. Kyle added wainscoting all along it and Allison hung the letters I made for her baby shower in between the closets.

Yesterday we added some vinyl stickers to the wall. Here is the before: Here is the after! The decals are from Studio JK on Etsy.

Tomorrow I will be back to my regularly scheduled posting. Maybe. ; )

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Finley is Here!

I am so excited to introduce my new niece, Finley Marie! She was born this morning after a really easy delivery for my sister (well, I can say that because I was not the mom) at 7:50 this morning. She is so teeny tiny -only 5 pounds, 10 ounces and 19.25 inches long. She has a FULL head of hair. I just got my camera back today, so I will post more pics soon. These were highjacked from Emily's Facebook page. So, special thanks to her!

She is just perfect and we love her so much!

In other niece/nephew news, Max called me by my name today...totally unprovoked! And he hasn't seen me in awhile, so he rannnnn and gave me a huge hug. I am totally world's greatest aunt!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got some stuff on my mind...

First, I have an earworm. Are you disgusted? Well, you should be.

You know - earworms? They are those songs that play over and over and over again in your head. I have one. It will not stop. I know I am not alone. Matt Lauer even gets them.

Let's just say I gotta feelin' that after this video you will have an earworm too.

And in case you are a huge fan of choreographed crowd dancing scenes, you can also see this one by TMobile.

I have to give them credit, though, I swear this looks like it was taken from a cell phone. We can only hope.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Easy cookies

So last week I brought you an easy turtle recipe, this week I bring you an easy cookie recipe!

I found this cute idea over at Let's Entertain (cute blog!) who found this idea in Southern Living.

All you need is a fudge striped cookie, a chocolate kiss and a tube of decorating frosting. Adhere your kiss to the cookie with a dot of frosting and then make a little bow. Super easy and cute.

Someone try this and let me know how it turns out! Because who are we kidding...this might be too difficult for me ; ).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Post & Some Freebies

Wow, I have been living it up, people. You would be so impressed with me. I stayed out until 2 a.m. and 1 a.m., respectively, this weekend. That is three hours later than I have stayed up in at least two years (unless you count the times we go to Ben and Addie's and Tommy WILL NOT go home). But that is a whole other post.

Here are some pics from my fabulous girl's weekend in Dallas with 20 of my sorority sisters. I have to say, go with a bunch of sorority girl's for the weekend and your Facebook page has never seen so much action. Clearly, I need to get out more.

We stayed in the fabulous W Hotel. Super nice. $7 for Pringles nice. This is me and my little, Cassie. She is still as adorable as she was in college.

All of us before a night out.

I am not going to lie. I like this picture because my arm looks skinny. I need to perfect this pose.

I had so much seeing all my friends, which has left me with not much time to blog.

So, to bring you some of what you really come here to see I want to send you over to my friend Sarah's blog, Life Sweet Life. She is having an awesome giveaway of the cutest designs from Uppercase Living and you won't want to miss out!

Here is a sneak preview of one of the prizes you could win:

Schedule in appointments and plan the days ahead with our unique Chalk Wall Weekly Calendar Kit! This reusable, chalkboard surface, allows you to "pencil" in all your to-do's, then simply erase them once they're completed. Measures 20" x 26" Includes: Week of:______, To do this week, and Sun-Sat expression.

Head over to her blog and see the other fun stuff you can win!

Also, get some free downloads this week from the Hostess with the Mostess. She has the funnest party signs that would be perfect for a baby shower!

More later! XOXO friends!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look at me!

I am about to embark on my 30th year of life. (Or would it be my 31st year of life?) Either way, 2 weeks from tomorrow I turn 30. Eek!

The upside is that at least I get a party! My sister, with the help of some friends, is throwing me a tiny soiree and I had to show you guys the invites designed by the lovely, Kim, from The TomKat Studio.

Aren't these adorable??? And I love that there is now an entire "collection" based off my invitation. (I did take off some identifying information...only so all my fans don't show up at my party.)
Her cuteness doesn't stop there! All of her toppers, cards and invites are super reasonable so that you can print yourself and do as many as you need. Brilliant!

Kim has been featured all over the web for her lollipop invitations and the most adorable party she threw for her daughter.

These make me want to throw a Halloween party...only I hate to dress up. It does happen to be my sister's least favorite holiday of the year. She blames that on me. I have no idea why. Well, sort of.

Hello, cupcakes and babies. The cutest combination ever.
Also, check out Kim's blog for great party inspiration.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Multiple Blessings Contest

I got an email last night from my friend, Caroline, of Multiple Blessings that I have blogged about here and here. She is hosting an awesome giveaway on her really cute blog. All you have to do is comment then go tell a friend. See, how easy that was! Oh, but you kind of have to do it tonight. Good luck! I hope you win. Well, I really hope I win, but good luck to you all anyway.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GG + Target

How did I not know that Target had a Gossip Girl inspired collection? Um, my favorite store + my favorite show and I totally missed this.




Not sure if I am fashion-forward enough to wear any of these. However, I would have to say Serena's look is my favorite. Strange, considering I typically gravitate towards the girly things Blair wears. And her headbands.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Easiest Turtles You Will Ever Make

My camera still isn't working, so I bring you this picture from Steamy Kitchen.
A few of my girlfriends and I trade off hosting Project Runway nights at our homes. Last week was my week to host, so I whipped up a few of these dandies. I am sure everyone was super impressed with my culinary skills. Little did they know that the turtles I made were this easy:

1 large bag of small, round pretzels

7 to 8 packages Rolo candies1 (16-ounce) bag

Pecan halves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lay out pretzels on cookie sheet. (I like to use my silpat.) Place a Rolo on top of each pretzel.Place in 350 degree F oven for 4 minutes. Remove from oven. Place pecan half on top and press down a little. Cool and serve.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Day is Made

Ever since I found out what a blog is I have been BEGGING my friend Janie to start writing. She is opposite of me - funny, witty and, well, really good at everything. I wanted to share the love and tell you guys to visit her site. You will not be disappointed. I have added her to my blog roll on the right, but you can show her the love by visiting her at Franzia Files. I promise you endless entertainment. Sorry, Jane, I know that is alot of pressure. Much like your spelling bee contest. But whether you succeed or not, we will take a trip to Long Neckers. On me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little taste of heaven

I said I wasn't going to post today. I lied. I stumbled upon this at Spearmint Baby's blog and I cannot imagine not sharing! Pumpkin + Cheesecake + Ice Cream + Ben & Jerry's = heaven in a carton people!
Now, here's to hoping my local neighborhood Walmart carries this.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Project Runway - Duct Tape Style

Wouldn't that be a fun Project Runway -- have the designers gather round and make dresses out of Duct Tape? I will call Tim Gunn and tell him to make it work...right after I finish writing this post.

Have you guys ever seen these? Duct tape prom gowns. They are soooo all the rage.

Each year Duck Tape brand duct tape has a scholarship competition for students who make their prom attire entirely of duct tape. Impressive.

This year's first place winner:
Last year's first place winner:
Look at this local couple. They were this year's second place winner. They were robbed. Look at all that detail. I know Nina Garcia and Michael Kors would have placed them in first.
The detail is amazing!

No post tomorrow night. I will be watching PR. With friends. See, I have a life. I am liking Shirin so far. And she is a local too! I am saying Bryant Park baby. Will they be going there this year? I am so confused with the whole LA season. Oh well, whatev. Still makes for great tv.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Books

As you all know, I don't cook. Why is it, though, that I am so looking forward to this cookbook coming out so much? Maybe the Pioneer Woman will inspire me when I meet her in person at her book signing!!!

For those of you who do not stalk follow her like me, go ahead and make plans to attend her
Tulsa book signing:

Tuesday, October 27th
Tulsa Historical Society on 25th & Peoria
7 - 9 p.m. (Um, that probably won't be enough time...I am just sayin)

Or, if you are somewhere else in the US you can get her whole book tour schedule here.

Kelsey, April and I have already planned our outfits. ( maybe just I have.) Since April has met the Pioneer Woman and I have "talked" to her during a live session on her blog we are basically best friends.

Another book I am looking forward to reading is Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes. For some reason I am fascinated with being inside the world of Charm City Cakes. I Tivo the show. I read their blog. We are basically bffs. Only they have never met me. But I am sure they would LOVE me if they did.
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