Sunday, October 4, 2015

Emmy turns 3!

This weekend we celebrated my little girl turning three! I had already planned her birthday party (a Pinkalicious theme) and then she told me she really wanted an Elsa party! Luckily, her school has little birthday parties and her cousin Finley shared her family party, so Emmy got two frozen parties AND a Pinkalicious party.  That’s a lot of celebrating for a three year old!

Her family party:

iphone pics 092615 141

iphone pics 092615 142

A little blurry – but her first Elsa doll!

iphone pics 092615 153

Her school party had donuts! She picked them all out herself.

iphone pics 10415 082

iphone pics 10415 087

And her big party was her Pinkalicious one. We threw it at KJM Equestrian. They have a fun little play area for the kids and they all got to take a pony ride around the party area.  She had an absolute blast and loved seeing all of her friends! My friend Jordan helped me set up and took pics the whole time. She was an awesome assistant, so if you are in Tulsa and would like a little extra help for your party, let me know and I will send you her info! (Also, comment below if you can’t see these pics…I am not sure if they will show since this storage area is set to private. If not, I will make it public so you can view!)

Meeting Cuddly, the pony:

And this guy is the biggest animal lover EVER!!! He fussed when he had to get off and did a little pony ride, too!

And the best family portrait we could get! Ha!

Some party details:

I made the invite myself with the Pinkalicious artwork provided on the Pinkalicious site. (See info below.)



Party location – KJM Equestrian

Plates – Oriental Trading

Glass Bottles – Oriental Trading

Cookie favors (Pinkalicious’ wand) and centerpieces (I love double duty!) – OKCookieMomster (delish) My mom painted the pots for me, I printed out pics from the Pinkalicious site and then bought the cookies wrapped up to look like Pinkalicious’ wand and just inserted them into floral foam.

Cupcakes – Reasors (30 for $20 – can’t beat that price!)

Items for the cupcake decorating – The cake decorating aisles at Walmart and Hobby Lobby

Banner – The Pinkalicious site has lots of really cute printables, party supplies and games. I just blew up a poster that was on the site and put it on banner paper.

The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have had a better day celebrating our sweet girl with all of her friends!

Holden 10 Months

This little sweetie is ten months!

iphone pics 10415 083

He is a really happy baby and loves to play and smile. This is a selfie one morning!  He has been rising earlier, so that needs some work.

iphone pics 092615 109

He love, love, loves balls! Definitely his favorite toy!

iphone pics 092615 074

We also have a climber on our hand. This little guy loves to get on chairs and climb! Just like his sister!

iphone pics 092615 166

Some milestones this month include him giving hugs when asked, shaking his head “no,” his third haircut, climbing up the slide on our new swingset and repeating sounds when asked. He also loves peekaboo and will laugh hysterically when you play.

iphone pics 10415 109

iphone pics 092615 123

Isn’t this little heartbreaker handsome?

He weighs 20.7 pounds (42%) and is 28.8 inches long (58%).  No new teeth again this month, but he drools like crazy. We just love this little guy! He is always a joy!!!

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