Skin It

My mom was over at my house today and she wanted me to check out a new site she had come across: Skin It. I admit, I was a little surprised since I had no idea my mom knew what "skins" were. My mom is obviously very hip and with it. The products are very well priced and some can be personalized (and you know how I love personalization) for a large variety of electronic devices. (For those of you who are not familiar with "skins," they are basically a vinyl cover for your electronics that keep them from getting scuffed.)

Here are some of my favorite designs from their stock collection:

I think I love this so much because you can get skins for everything from your cell phone to your digital camera! You just choose your exact item from a list and the skin is customized to fit! I am always dropping my cell, so I know I will be getting one of these for sure. The only problem will be deciding which one to get.


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