2 Fun Sites

I was going to post days 7 & 8 of my 12 Days of Christmas gifts but it got kind of late and it can be a little time consuming -- and I want to bring my A Game to this project. So, I thought I would post two sites that I have come across recently that have some very unique and unusual gifts:

The Spoon Sisters

A few goodies from the site:
These are so cute--cupcake onesies.
Napkins that still look nice.
Kiss your little one's boo boo's goodbye!
This site is also very fun and has some very unusual products - Uncommon Goods.
Some more fun items you can find:

Those of you who know what a homebody I am this doormat is perfect.

This looks like it is corrugated paper, but no, it is ceramic! Love it!
Same idea here...they look like paper bags but they are ceramic vases. These would be super cute gifts with flowers!

More tomorrow! Have a great day!!


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