So, I am sure you guys are sick of hearing about my birthday (I know--get over it). But, I got some super cute stuff that I wanted to show you guys!!

My sister got me THE cutest bag from JillyD on etsy. Now, they don't have the exact bag online anymore and my camera is still with the Geeks, so you will have to get a general idea of the style from this. But, it is so cute and modern. I just love it! It is a mixture of two Amy Butler fabrics and I heart it. This one is cute too and the only one of this style she currently has available:

Allison also got me this really cute business card holder from Sew Gracious on etsy. It is also an Amy Butler design and super cute. On a side note, I finally have business cards!

Are these shoes not just the greatest??? They are from Target! My mom got me these and I am in love. Seriously, in love. They are so, so cute. Who doesn't love a shoe with a bow?

And, another fabulous gift is a new dog to add to my Swarovski collection from my in-laws. This little bull dog is also appropriately named Tomasino. He goes great with my other dogs. I totally needed him for my collection. I had told Tommy I wanted him for Christmas too, so I really lucked out, as they picked it out without any help from us!

Okay, end of my birthday. Promise : )


  1. K-Those shoes were MADE for you. They are adorable. Love your posts....they are really helping out with my Christmas and Birthday shopping. LFrye

  2. LOVE the shoes! I was just out looking at DSW for some red heels...think I will head over to Target tomorrow!! Love, the blog, Kate!! I look forward to reading it everyday!!

    love, janie


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