Quite a compliment!

This week a friend of mine, Stephanie, emailed me and paid me quite a compliment! Stephanie has a friend who has been trying for sometime to get pregnant and she found out she is having a baby and wanted to get her a little something. Well, when trying to come up with something she could get quickly, she thought of me and how I might have a good idea! It was very nice of her to think of me as either a good resource for gift ideas and/or a good gift giver! So, I wanted to share the love with you guys.

Not being a mother or mom-to-be myself, I offered Stephanie some suggestions based on what I got my sister-in-law when she was pregnant with Max or that I have gotten for other friends. Here are the ideas I shared with her:

A cute maternity lounge outfit from oldnavy.com:

Books, both practical & fun:

Also, everyone loves a good magazine. Check ebay, but beware of scams, but you can get an awesome deal on long term magazine subscriptions!
I will try to post more gift ideas for the holiday season soon!


  1. Yay - I made the blog! :)

    Thanks for the suggestions! I got her the Sippy Cups book & the Consumer Reports book - she loved them!! And now I still have some good ideas for gifts down the road.

    You rock!


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