Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Almost Halloween

As far as holiday's go, Halloween ranks among the bottom for me. However, tonight as I strolled the aisles at Target I got excited because the Christmas stuff is starting to show up in the aisles!

Even though Halloween may not be my favorite, I imagine it is still exciting when you are a kid. Tommy and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night and I don't want to slight the neighbor kids, so I decided to do make them each a little goodie basket. And, let's be honest, this is more for me than for them. I absolutely LOVE to make gift baskets. It may be another calling of mine.

Anyway, I felt very Pioneer Womanesque because I took pictures of all of the things I bought before putting them in the tins. Just in case you guys need to run out tomorrow to put together tiny gift baskets ; ).

So, here is everything I got at Target:

I used the stickers to add some height in the "basket."
These were in the Halloween aisle at Target. They are Jones Halloween sodas in candy corn. I am sure the flavor is sickeningly sweet, but kids like that kind of stuff, right? These are going to act as the base in my tins.

Also, I got some filler candy to fill out the container.
The gifts are going to come from Carter & Pudge. They are so thoughtful.
Here is a completed Halloween tin! I think it turned out really cute! I cannot wait to give it to the kids.

Happy Halloween everybody! Any good costumes? Let me know!


So, I drove by the Pie Hole today and it appears to be back open. They had cars there and an open sign. So, yay!
More later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday was quite a day! I am taking a night class that lasts until 10, so I had no time to post yesterday. I will do a short post with more to come later. Look at this little cutie! Isn't Baby Max getting so big???

Isn't he a happy baby? I cannot wait to see him again!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Days 9 & 10

Alright, I thought some of the bird gifts were hard. I was wrong. 9 ladies dancing....I have a few ideas but 10 lords a leaping? I have nothing. Well, I have not started looking yet but I think this one will be a stretch.

So, let's start with the 9 ladies dancing.

You guys should have known I would choose this -- The Zumba soundtrack. I must admit, I do have this and I love it. It really pumps you up and I have used it as background music several times when I had a get together and served Mexican food. However, I just learned tonight that they have 2 other cds! I had no idea. Mom, Al, potential Christmas gifts ; ).

How about ballet slippers? Who wouldn't want to put these on at the end of the day?
And, although, this is city specific for my aunt -- dance lessons would be an obvious choice and a fun gift!

Now for 10 Lords a I am writing this I still have no clue. So, we will see what a search comes up with!

Duh!!! This just came to me! How about something adorable from Multiple Blessings!? I featured her cute designs previously in my contest that Caroline so generously sponsored! But, this would be perfect for Day 10 of my aunt's project. This is a mirrored tissue holder with the verse, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own own understanding..." Proverbs 3:5.

I love life lesson books and this one looks too cute! Who wouldn't want Kermit the Frog's life lessons?

Okay, so that wasn't so difficult. That is why google is my best friend! Good night! More tomorrow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holiday Cards

I have been tossing around the idea of creating custom cards for the holidays featuring pets in a holiday scene. Still not sure if it is something I am going to offer, as they are a little time consuming. But, I have done a few that I think turned out really cute that I wanted to show you guys!

This is my holiday card for 2008! My little handsomes are very cute in their santa hats.
Below was my card for 2007. I had to photoshop it together because I could not get the boys to sit even remotely close to each other. I even bought cute little reindeer antlers for them to wear. Tommy told me to just give it was never going to happen!

I made this card for Teresa featuring sweet little Kit, hence the clever card message! I love that little angel!
Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 months away? Crazy! Feliz Navidad!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dogs in Costume - Seriously Cute

Today was one of the days I look forward to every fall. Dogs in costume. Seriously, cute. Tommy and I went to the annual costume contest on Brookside and there were some very, very cute costumes. I tried to get pictures of many of them but moving targets are hard to shoot. (Not to be misconstrued as a hunting pun).

Tommy was kind of "eh" on all of the ballerina dogs. But, I felt that every girl (even dogs) needs a good pair of shoes!
These dachshunds cracked me up. Even funnier is that the 2 year old was walking and these little ones were in the stroller!
Yes, this is a real skunk. That is all I am going to say.
This was Tommy's favorite dog. He LOVES bull dogs and this one was so fat and cute in his little pumpkin outfit.

This one was really cute. The dog went as ice cream and his owner went as a banana - so a banana split. I thought that was clever.
Janie, I got this little chicken pic for you. : )
Go pokes!
This was Princess Fiona
She was accompanied by Shrek.
This little poodle was wearing a saddle with a cowboy riding on it. Cute!
And, my favorite of the day, dressed in their "tuxedos," were my three men!

Meant to Tell You...

I forgot to tell you guys about 2 things that Sage has coming up!

1- Go see Catherine at the Boo Ha Ha Parade and you will see the beautiful work of our entrepreneur group and get a 10% discount on a Sage party! Catherine is giving out Gummy Worms with a fun recipe for Dirt Cake and on the reverse is your party discount. So, when your kids are trick or treating on Brookside, be sure to stop by her shop at 38th & Peoria!

2- Catherine is offering a class for non-cookers like me who want to create a great Thanksgiving dinner but don't know how. Here are the details from her site:

Let's talk TURKEY: Are you interested in learning how to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving?? If so, please send an email to If there is enough interest, we will create a "Cooking for Thanksgiving" class for ADULTS. Please let us know if you are interested in a day or evening class.

What a brilliant idea! I will post some pics of the Dog Costume Contest this afternoon. I can't wait! I am supposed to get my camera back, so fingers crossed that it will work! XOXO

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Days 7 & 8

I told you there were a lot of birds in this song. We are on 7 Swans a Swimming now.

Is this not adorable???? You know how I love miniatures! And, it is made similar to my mini pudge & carter.

Candles from the Swan Creek Candle Company. Their candles are soy and if you have never used a soy candle, you really should try. They burn down in their container so much better and their fragrance is a lot stronger. You will love them.

I had a hard time finding any other cute swan things. The birds are seriously hard to find cute things on!

But, I have had some fun ideas for the 8 Maids a Milking for awhile now. Yay!

Now, what milking maid doesn't need an apron? I found this cute one through apronista. Who knew there was a blog just for people who love aprons? And, this one is so cute. I have never worn an apron, but I would wear one this cute. However, I think this would requiring cooking.

Everyone needs the perfect glass for milk. These are really fun and bold. I love them.
I think that old timey glass milk bottles with flowers would also be a great gift.

Lastly, there are so many "milk" based bath products. Any of those would be a great gift.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, today I heard from my old roommate, Laura, who happens to be a lurking blog reader ; ). But, she had some fun features for my blog! Yay! I love content help. It is seriously hard to come up with something to write about day after day. Thank GOD for the 12 Days of Christmas!!

Anyway, Laura found these ADORABLE Christmas ornaments from the Land of Nod. Basically, she found the easiest solution to my aunt's 12 Days of Christmas gift dilemma -- all 12 Days of Christmas are included in this ornament collection! Duh! Seriously, why didn't I think of this??? Laura thinks the crafty people out there could do this with scrapbook paper and mod podge. That would be a super fun girl's day! Love it!

Also, direct from Laura --with great hesitation she tried Dreyer's Slow Churned Pumpkin Ice Cream. And, apparently, if you even sort of like pumpkin you will love this! I cannot think of a better way to welcome fall! Pumpkin ice cream AND cinnamon pecans in it!!! YUM!!! And, even better a serving size is only 100 calories. I need this.

Well, while I was checking out the Dreyer's site I saw they also carry a low-cal version of one of my favorite holiday ice cream's - Peppermint. Even better, peppermint with hot fudge. Can you imagine????
Laura, thanks for the product tips! Keep it coming and I miss you!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

2 Fun Sites

I was going to post days 7 & 8 of my 12 Days of Christmas gifts but it got kind of late and it can be a little time consuming -- and I want to bring my A Game to this project. So, I thought I would post two sites that I have come across recently that have some very unique and unusual gifts:

The Spoon Sisters

A few goodies from the site:
These are so cute--cupcake onesies.
Napkins that still look nice.
Kiss your little one's boo boo's goodbye!
This site is also very fun and has some very unusual products - Uncommon Goods.
Some more fun items you can find:

Those of you who know what a homebody I am this doormat is perfect.

This looks like it is corrugated paper, but no, it is ceramic! Love it!
Same idea here...they look like paper bags but they are ceramic vases. These would be super cute gifts with flowers!

More tomorrow! Have a great day!!
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