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So, today I totally got a shout out from the Tulsa Food Blog. My favorite foodies did some investigative reporting based on a question I had regarding the status of the Pie Hole. Read their article here:

Did the Pie Hole close for good?
October 14th, 2008 by Staff ·
Tulsa Food Blog here reporting on our first investigative piece, did the Pie Hole close for good? The Pie Hole at 2708 E 15th Street in Tulsa is a local favorite for New York style pizza. Yes, Katie we are here to tell you that the Pie Hole is temporarily closed and thank you for sending us on our first Tulsa Food Blog mission. We spoke to some surrounding business owners and received some good information. The Pie Hole has been sold by the owner to one of his employees who he felt was capable of taking over the business and delivering the same great pizza that customers have come to expect. We did not get an exact date on when the Pie Hole will re-open, but we were told that it would be soon.

Yay me, Yay the Tulsa Food Blog and Yay for the Pie Hole making a comeback!


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