Well, today I heard from my old roommate, Laura, who happens to be a lurking blog reader ; ). But, she had some fun features for my blog! Yay! I love content help. It is seriously hard to come up with something to write about day after day. Thank GOD for the 12 Days of Christmas!!

Anyway, Laura found these ADORABLE Christmas ornaments from the Land of Nod. Basically, she found the easiest solution to my aunt's 12 Days of Christmas gift dilemma -- all 12 Days of Christmas are included in this ornament collection! Duh! Seriously, why didn't I think of this??? Laura thinks the crafty people out there could do this with scrapbook paper and mod podge. That would be a super fun girl's day! Love it!

Also, direct from Laura --with great hesitation she tried Dreyer's Slow Churned Pumpkin Ice Cream. And, apparently, if you even sort of like pumpkin you will love this! I cannot think of a better way to welcome fall! Pumpkin ice cream AND cinnamon pecans in it!!! YUM!!! And, even better a serving size is only 100 calories. I need this.

Well, while I was checking out the Dreyer's site I saw they also carry a low-cal version of one of my favorite holiday ice cream's - Peppermint. Even better, peppermint with hot fudge. Can you imagine????
Laura, thanks for the product tips! Keep it coming and I miss you!!!!


  1. Katie, I received one of my favorite catalogs today and thought of your current "Project"...I know these might not fit the bill for your aunt's work crowd, but this sock collection is the cutest! I have some of this brand for Baby A (they are the "Mary Jane style") and they are great baby socks) but these 12 days of Xmas socks are precious. Here's the link - http://www.kookoobearkids.com/12-Days-of-Christmas-Baby-Socks/productinfo/00050825/. Happy surfing and loving the blog! love, Jennifer
    ps - loved those last couple of websites you mentioned - I gave them a "look-see" and they were very cool!


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