Jewelry Art

I am excited to feature my cousin, Lauren, today! (For those of you who know me, Lauren is my "Alaska cousin"). Lauren has an amazing eye for design and artistic talent is in her dna. A few months ago, Lauren launched her own jewelry business, Lauren Ashleigh Payne Jewelry Design, and has recently released her fall collection. Lauren does all of her own silversmithing and collects her beads during her fabulous world travels. I mean, honestly, wouldn't you rather wear your art?

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

I love, love, love this piece. All of Lauren's pieces are one of a kind and unfortunately, this one has already sold. But, I love the unexpected color of the orange and the jade, it just really works. These beads were acquired in Seattle. So pretty.

This piece is also amazing. Lauren did all of the silversmithing on this. She did the lapidary work herself (formed/shaped the glass), made the bezel with sterling beads, invested leaves in the back of the bezel, made the chain and the new signature L clasp. I mean, she put those little beads on the side by hand. Now, that is talent. Go here to see this in more detail, as it really is fabulous up close.
This was Lauren's first ever ring to make. It is reticulated sterling silver soldered onto a sterling silver center ring. She can make these specifically for any ring size. So, basically, you would have a "commissioned" piece of art if you were to purchase it!
I love these earrings, especially since I am now getting into wearing jewelry again. The materials Lauren used in these are: Opal Glass, Blue Swarovski crystal, mother of pearl, Sterling silver, glass.
Lauren's inspiration for this cuff from her fall collection was her mom and aunt! I love it! Her aunt is currently redoing a room in her new home and has a zebra strip rug. The cuff reflects her vision of zebra stripes in silver.
I have very talented and beautiful cousins! I also have several others with small businesses that I will be showcasing soon! Enjoy and tell your husbands that you totally need a piece of art that doesn't just hang on the wall ; )


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