Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miss Bee's Specialties

I have a new client and I wanted to complete her logo before I posted about her because I wanted to send you all to her new website (we are working on getting it fully functional) so you could link to her product pictures. I am constantly amazed by the artistic talent of my clients and Becky is definitely an artist. She sells custom invitations, picture frames, and personalized stampers (see my post about my favorite gift ideas.) I seriously love ALL of her stuff. She has fabulous taste and definitely has an eye for colors. I feel like Oprah today, beacause I am going to post my "Favorite Things" that Becky sells.

These are some of my favorite invites that she has done. It is so hard to pick just a few because they are all so cute!! It makes me want to throw a party!

I love her custom frames too. Seriously, they are all cute!!

Her custom stampers and pads are a "must have" for any woman! I have one of the custom stampers and I absolutely love it. I use it on my letters but I also have the wine tags and cards that I just stamp and-voila-I have a custom gift card. If you do not have one yet, you must get one, you will absolutely love it! I promise.

I will post again when her website is complete, but I just couldn't wait to share all of this cuteness!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I need a drink...or a cupcake ; )

I am very excited to start working with a new client, Hope. She has an awesome established business and is wanting to update her brand a little. I am really looking forward to getting started because she has great taste and has been fun to work with!

Not only is Hope creative, she can clearly bake too! She sent me pictures of her project today -- Margarita Cupcakes. Are these not absolutely adorable? She will so be the star of her party tonight!!

Seriously, too cute! Hope adapted her recipe from Rachael Ray, but I couldn't find it online : ). So, I give you this one from Wilton! Do those not sound delicious?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Look at this little Blogger

I downloaded pics yesterday from Emily's wedding and I forgot that I hadn't downloaded these yet! Little Kit wants to start her own blog.

I love her.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I do!

Last night my good friend, Emily, tied the knot in Oklahoma City. I am so happy for her and her new husband. We had a blast at the reception and it was a great excuse to get together with my friends from college. I love them and totally wish I saw them more. We had some very good times together, of which it was determined I definitely was more the mother figure of the group : ). I am so lame, but I totally hung last night until 2:30. Go me!

I also had the privilege of being Emily's "florist." I only come out of retirement for my closest friends but every time I do flowers I remember how much I love it. Then, I remember how much delivering stresses me out! Yesterday was one of my more interesting delivery experiences. I am very unfamiliar with OKC, so we borrowed my in-law's Garmin. Great idea, we can get around easily, no problems, don't have to bother the busy bride with questions. This is fab. On our way to OKC I program all the addresses in and we are set for the day. Delivery time, I hit the address and we are on our way. And the Garmin takes us smack dab into the middle of a neighborhood (kind of a ghetto one at that). Okay, hmmm....surely the church is around here somewhere. I call Emily's mom. I call again -- "Is the church in a tin building?" Em's mom, "Um, no. Where are you?" Me, "I see a sign for Moore, OK." Em's mom, "Oh are not even close." Then it hits me. When I entered the address into the Garmin 2 addresses popped up. Exactly the same address only the zip codes were was 73160 (popped up 1st) and 73106. I picked the first as I thought to myself...damn computers. Um, yeah, it was totally the 2nd address. Anyway, we made it. We had a few bouquets fall over in the back due to the chaos and turns, but it all ended well!

Emily and her family were a huge help. They picked up the flowers, cut them, stripped them and put them in water. It saved me hours! They turned out beautifully and I really did love arranging them. Here are some pics from the day/night:

These are the flowers in Emily's fridge before they got all wrapped up. They glow! I loved them! She has great taste!
Bridesmaid bouquet:
Emily's bouquet all wrapped up.
All the Gamma Phi girl's. I love them!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So, I mentioned earlier that my goal is to make a $2 million dollars by age 32. (I am visualizing it, just like the book the Secret tells me to do.) I figure unless I win the lottery to make that happen I need to invent something. When I was visiting Shreveport a few weeks ago an idea came to me when I asked my cousin’s wife what she did with the baby if she was by herself shopping and needed to go to the bathroom. (I know, random, but seriously I think of these things). She said she would just hold it until she had to get home. And, like Donny Deutsch says—“There has got to be a better way!” So, I decided I have to invent something that can be like a shopping cart cover, baby bjorn thing (I have been to a lot of baby showers), that can also hang over the back of the stall so that a mom or dad can go to the bathroom while they are out and about. My small focus group of my cousin and his wife were totally into it. I had a brilliant, million dollar idea.

As everyone knows, the first step to starting any business is to google your product and make sure it does not already exist.. So, I googled “bathroom stall baby holder.” And, sure enough, my idea was so brilliant it has already been invented. (I must admit, though, this was positive reinforcemen that I do have good ideas every once in awhile.) So, I clicked on the site and to my dismay, I found this:

I laughed hysterically. For some reason the image of the child hanging over the stall is just too funny. I am sure my day will come....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My M&Ms

Awhile back at work I bought some custom M&M's for an event and receive emails time to time for new products. Anyway, over the past couple of weeks I have received several emails about new products that M&M has come out with. I love customization and personalization, so these definitely fit the bill there, but now they offer more than just printing a name or date on a piece of candy. You can really take a gift/party favor to the next level!

M&M's just released a line of sports related M&Ms. They are in your favorite team's colors and include the logo too! My husband is a huge Rangers fan. I am thinking these might work for a fun gift!
Now, these are just super fun. You can upload a photo of someone to be printed on M&Ms. How cute would that be for a baby's first birthday or an over the hill party?
You can also create custom packaging. We did this at work and they are really cute. Also, I eat wayyyy to many M&Ms because I swear we ordered 1,000 bags. But, they seem to keep well : ).
These are awesome for any business person for a client gift. You can now have M&Ms printed with your logo on them.
And, if you are a dark chocolate fan Dove also offers personalized messages in their wrappers!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Queen of Mean

Love her or hate her (and I really don't know where I fall), I have to give Martha Stewart credit -- she is consistent. She is consistently aloof and distant when she is on the Today Show, she consistently makes her guests on her show feel incompetent, but she is always good at the project at hand. Honestly, I would rather hang out with someone like Martha who I know will always be in a bad mood. I can't deal with mood swings. Ugh.

Anyway, I was introduced to the Michael's Arts and Crafts' Martha Stewart Collection by my dear friend Iris. When she had her tea party she wrapped her favors in Martha Stewart (MS) products from Michael's. I now cannot go into the store without spending 20 minutes on the MS aisle just looking and touching the products (really these are products you just have to touch.) Her packaging is beautiful and her taste is impeccable. She seriously knows what she is doing.

Here are some of my favorite things offered by MS:
Super cute ribbon rolls. Since I used to do wedding flowers, I have a weird thing for ribbon. I love it! This is also my favorite color combination at the moment.

This cannot be any cuter below. It is tape! So fun! I have no idea what I would use it for, but it is so cute and I need it.
These are cute transfers. You can rub them onto paper or you can do a fun plant and rub this on the container. So many options!

I love these. You put them on the back of photos to remind you of the occasion. They are cute and informative. (At least that is what I will tell my husband.)

These are bag tags. On the reverse they are solid color for your message. These would be cute over of a bottle of wine for a hostess gift. I need these too...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Allison Rose Designs

I am helping a new client with her marketing plan and I am so excited to be working with her. I met Allison in college and I have truly never met anyone with her artistic talent, ever. Everything she paints is so cute and perfect. I would love to be able to paint a straight line. (Thank God for computer graphic programs!!)

Check out her site here to see her custom children's decor. It is honestly too cute! She can customize anything for your kids or for you. Her design capabilities are limitless. And, who does not love a personalized gift??

I am working with Allison on promoting her business, so hopefully you will be seeing lots of her soon!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Habitat Work

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity's on their Marketing Committee. It is fun to brainstorm ideas and work on their Tulsa marketing campaign. Habitat recently got their marketing budget approved, so I have finally gotten to move forward on some projects that I had started working on awhile ago.

First, Mike Lemery, at Tulsa Transit advertising has been extremely generous and has offered Habitat placement in 65 of their buses to advertise. (Imagine being on the subway in NYC and the ads along the top of the train car!) One of the wonderful things is that this will not only will raise Habitat awareness, but it will be targetted specifically to potential homeowners. Habitat is in need of applicants into the program and many of their current homeowners ride the city bus, so direct target marketing will be a huge benefit to them. The second cool thing is that the phone # will be right in front of them, so people who see the ad and are sitting on the bus riding can call immediately from their cell phone! Habitat will also be advertising on bus benches around town. This will be great to put Habitat's name and logo out there, but will also grab a potential applicants' eye with the "0% Interest Home Loan" tagline.

Also, Liberty Press, is helping us print posters to place in local businesses to further advertise to homeowners. We will also have pull off notecards in the "black and white" space so that those interested can take the information quickly and call or go online at their convenience.
I will have more items coming soon! I love this stuff!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living Oprah

In the news/on tv I am used to seeing documentaries about someone who decided to eat McDonalds for 30 days to see what happens to his body, the man who wanted to live the bible literally for a year, and two socialites (Paris and Nicole) who broke away from their lavish lifestyles to live more "humbly" for a couple of weeks.
So, today, when I received my daily "Oprah" Alert, I had to laugh when I saw an interview with a woman who is going to live her life for one year based on Oprah's recommendations. She wants to see if she will truly "live her best life." Add this to your favorites because it is very entertaining. I caught myself laughing out loud!
As an aside, Project Runway has started up again! I think it is going to be a great season! So far, I like Leanne and Jennifer. We'll see.
Even though the Bachelor is over, I still get good laughs from Lincee Ray's site: Be sure to read the post on the Where are They Now? I literally LOLed. Good stuff.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They grow like puppies!!!

Most of my life babies have scared me. I didn't really want to touch them until they were about 6 months old. I just knew I would break or drop them. (I have been pretty lucky so far, then again, I am not around babies much.)

As a kid I didn't play with baby dolls. I had no interest. I always played with my stuffed dogs. If there was a newborn and a puppy in the same room, hands down, I would run towards the puppy. But, I think I am coming around...

This year Tommy's sister had the first baby on all sides of the family. I was seriously so excited that I could have bought every single baby thing I saw, but I knew Tommy would kill me! Everything is so tiny and miniature (and I LOVE miniatures) that I knew the baby just HAD to have it. Had the baby been a girl, I really would have gone crazy. Girl stuff is seriously so cute.

I was lucky enough to become favorite aunt (sorry Tori---you totally know it is me) to Max Brannon on April 2nd of this year. I got to meet Max for the first time when he was about 6 weeks old (Kristen and Brannon live in Baltimore --I am not that lazy.) What I cannot get over is how fast he has grown. Since I have nothing else to compare it to, they really do grow like puppies. Puppies are just so teeny when they are born and then they grow exponentially in a number of months! At first they do nothing but sleep and then come alive. They must finally feel like you won't give them back.

Since I mainly see Max in pictures it is crazy how I can see how much he changes from one set of pics to the next.

Newborn Max Day 1:

Max Day 3, coming home from the hospital:
Max Week 2:

Max Week 3 or 4:
Max Week 6 -- This picture cracks me up. It looks like he has substitute parents. Tommy and I basically could move right in and no one would be able to tell from this picture! We love Shelby too!While we were in Baltimore Tommy and I just fell in love with Max! Kristen is an awesome mom and is so laid back, so she made both of us really comfortable with holding him. (Tommy is not a big baby holder either). As you can see, we were both just smitten!

Max week 7 -- This is right after his baptism in Tulsa. We were lucky enough to get to see him two weeks in a row! We are just dying to see him again! You get so attached so quickly!

I am not sure what week we are on in these next pics, but you can see how much more alert, smiley and bigger he is getting!

This is Max week 11 and he is already quite a traveler. In his now 14 weeks of life he has flown twice! Actually, that is probably equal to how many trips I have been on this year, now that I think about it...

Really, I am just amazed at how fast he is growing and his little personality that is coming through in pictures. K, B, & M - We miss you guys and are just in love with that little Max! Hopefully we will see you all soon! Love you!
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