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Flip Flop Cookies

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the flip clop cookies I made for a pool party. They were sooooo easy to make and a huge hit with the under 8 crowd. :)

On Pinterest, I had only seen these cookies made with Nutter Butters, but saw a reference where you could also make them with Milanos. Since I wasn't sure if any of the kids at the party had nut allergies (and because Milanos are really good), I decided to go this route.

You only need three "ingredients": Pepperidge Farm Milanos, ready to go piping icing (I used this one), and some confetti sprinkles.

Here's a video proving how simple it is:

You just take the cookies, pipe the frosting in a "v" and add a piece of sprinkle confetti. I am seriously the WORST at cookie decorating, so I can assure you that this was a piece of cake (no pun intended).
I also was using finely ground graham crackers for another recipe, so just threw those on the tray for "sand" and added some extra sprin…

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