Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom Tip

I have been wanting to get Emmy some children's songs to play in the car. I have XM radio, but it doesn't have a toddler station with sing-along songs. We listen to the Kidz Bop station which seems to appease her and lately I have been listening to Pandora's toddler tunes station, which she loves. The only downside of Pandora is that I don't want to use all my data streaming music into my car for someone under 2.

I decided I would just go onto to iTunes to download her some songs, but then I had this genius idea! I have Amazon Prime and they recently introduced Prime Music. So I went online and created a playlist of some songs she will love, downloaded the Prime Music app onto my phone, then went to the synced music on the app, and downloaded to my "device" from the Cloud. All for free (or the $90 annual fee I pay per year…however you want to look at it ��.)

Anyway, I thought I would share this little nugget with all of my friends with Amazon Prime. Another fun thing was that I have apparently ordered some cds in the past from Amazon for gifts and the digital files of those are also available to sync to your phone.

Enjoy! Obviously this is not a paid endorsement (I wish it was), just something I thought would help my fellow moms (or friends who have Prime)!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bumpdate 27 & 28 Weeks

iphone pics 091114 061 iphone pics 091114 070

How far along: 28 Weeks. Can’t believe it is already the 3rd trimester! I am now on bi-weekly doctor’s appointments!

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds. Le sigh. The copious amounts of sweets haven’t helped, I am sure.

Maternity Clothes: All pants, but I can get away with non-maternity dresses and some tanks that are non-maternity as long as they are super long.

Gender: Boy! We still haven’t changed the name we like, but it is still not “official.”  Today the ultrasound tech said she hadn’t had a patient with the name ever, so it is unique, but not super weird. You have heard of it for sure. Hint: It is somewhat literary.

Movement: So today at my ultrasound I finally figured out where he is located. I thought for sure he was diagonal, but he is apparently in a “C” shape or as Tommy kindly reminded me – the fetal position J. His head is to my lower right, spine wraps around my left side and feet are also at my right. I am not sure if he just isn’t as “busy” in the womb as Emmy was or if I just have too much other stuff going on that I can’t focus on his every movement. He is definitely moving and I can get him to move if I lay down. Just not as constant. Oh, and I forgot…about 4 weeks ago he started having hiccups, so I feel those at least 1-4 times a day!

Sleep: Up to go to the bathroom at least once a night. I had one night of awesome sleep with six straight uninterrupted hours. It was glorious.  Last week we went to Sonoma for my cousin’s wedding and I had an AWFUL night of sleep followed by a good one, followed by another early morning of travel. So all in all, I guess my sleeping is a wash. I still have had some pregnancy insomnia, so that is always fun.

Cravings: Last night I HAD TO HAVE these chicken tacos from a little restaurant by our house. There is nothing to them – just chicken and cheese on a corn tortilla, but nothing else would do. I have also had way too many sweets since they are around. I am basically an addict.

Symptoms: Whoa – have my feet started to swell. It is sad. My left side swells way more than my right, so it is quite a “look.”  I also have these weird skin splotches on my arms. It is apparently due to the amount of estrogen in my system. 

iphone pics 091114 063

Also, we have traveled the past few weekends, some for fun stuff (my cousin’s wedding in Sonoma) and some for not so fun stuff (my sweet Uncle passed away this week, so we took a very quick 11 hour road trip to see him), so I am traveled out and worn out with the early mornings.

Looking forward to: Making progress on the baby’s room, friends coming in town, birthday parties, cooler weather, showers to be thrown by me (and for me) and lots of fall activities with Emmy.  We have been doing so much fun stuff with her now that she is older and I want to her to have so many great experiences before her new baby brother gets here!

Best moments: I loved seeing the baby at the ultrasound today! With Emmy we never had another one after 19 weeks, so it was so fun to see him and what position he is in. Also, he has hair! Crazy!

iphone pics 091114 067 iphone pics 091114 068

We had a wonderful time at my cousin’s wedding in Sonoma. She was a beautiful bride and it was nice to have amazing weather and get some quality time with all of my family.

iphone pics 091114 048 

Big sister: Tommy had to go to the Texas Rangers game for work (tough gig since they are his favorite team) and he brought her back a hat (which she loves) and a little jersey. She told Tommy “No – Don’t want that.” Of which he said he would give it to baby brother. She didn’t like that either because she cried out “Nooooo” and had a little mini-fit. It was quite hilarious. Hmmm… this could be foreshadowing .

We also cleared the baby’s room of all of the things that were in it and she loves to go and roll around in “baby brother’s room.”

iphone pics 091114 064

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 25 & 26

iphone pics 090114 022 iphone pics 090114 050

How far along: 26 weeks

Total Weight Gain: So I have given up on this since I am just so much bigger than I was with Emmy. I have gained 16 pounds. I have eaten healthy(ish). I guess this is just going to be a bigger baby! Ha!

Maternity clothes: Oh, we are in full blown maternity clothes. I have lots of fall pants I am looking forward to wearing, so I am hoping it cools off soon because I feel like I am wearing the same things over and over.

Gender: Boy! We have a new name we both kind of like, so I think we are getting closer. This is decently unique and none of our friends or family have this name, so I am feeling good about it! I will have to do a whole post on all of the names that we have nixed. We have some really good ones (in my humble opinion), but for some reason or another (likely because a friend has a kid with the same name), they didn’t make it into the final cut.

Movement: He is beginning to move more and I can definitely feel him throughout the day. Emmy was definitely a bigger mover!

Sleep: Up at least once a night to go to the restroom. I have had a few nights of decent sleep and a few nights of pregnancy insomnia.

Cravings:  Sweets and there are some days where absolutely nothing sounds good!

Symptoms: Bleeding gums, bloody nose (gross – sorry!!). Had my fist bout of my blood sugar dropping since I waited too long to eat between breakfast and lunch.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the baby’s room together (and our carpets steamed cleaned #nerdalert)!

Not really baby related, but looking forward to fall and cooler weather! I had been walking several nights a week with my neighbors and so enjoyed it, but haven’t been going due to the heat. Looking forward to getting back into it!

They are doing growth ultrasounds at 28 weeks and 34 weeks this time (due to my advanced maternal age – I turn 35 in October. As an aside, the genetic counselor we had to meet with due to my advanced maternal age said that even if the baby is due on your 35th birthday, you still fall under the ama category. Interesting!) So, I am looking forward to seeing him again in a few weeks!

Best moments: Tommy cleared out the baby’s room, so I am so excited to have a clean slate! Love hearing his heartbeat at our appointment and feeling him move more.

Big sister: She is really cute about him when I ask! She likes to go to his room and roll on the floor now that it is empty. When I ask her where baby brother is, she will pull up my shirt and point to my belly. Yesterday, he got a sticker Winking smile. When I ask what we should name him, her name of choice is “Tiny Baby.’' Ha!

She does love babies and her baby dolls and is so gentle with them. Hope it translates to her new addition in a few months! I have loved doing fun things one on one with her. We have packed our Fridays together full of fun! Love my sweet girl!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bumpdates Week 23 & 24

iphone pics 081614 009iphone pics 081614 039

How far along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: I think I have gained about 12-13 pounds. The past two weeks I was really good about eating healthy and limiting my sugar intake, so we will see when I go to the doctor next.

Maternity clothes: All maternity bottoms or bella band. I can still wear regular flowy dresses, but have bought one size up if I buy anything new. Mix of maternity and regular tops…mainly maternity.

Gender: A still unnamed Boy! We have had some progress here and both have a name we like, but Tommy won’t commit because he has a friend from high school who has a kid with the same name. I get it because about 99% of the names I like also are used by someone I know. Sigh.

Movement: He moves quite a bit at night, but still not as much as I remember Emmy moving. I am willing him to be a very chill child ;).

Sleep: Up at least once a night to go to the restroom. Can no longer sleep on my stomach.

Cravings:  Salads. Oh, and I did have a day where only Mexican food would do!

Symptoms: My gums are starting to bleed. With Emmy my hair fell out in normal amounts and I never had a huge hair loss after she was born. However, with this baby, I have lost no hair and have noticed that I look a lot more floofy! (Is that a word?)

What I am looking forward to: Getting his room in some semblance of order. It is a huge disaster. I am also looking forward to wearing fall maternity clothes. I have several maternity pants, but it is too hot to wear them.

Best moments: Getting the bedding ordered. I am using someone different than with Emmy (who I thought did a great job), but went with someone local. I am hoping she does just as nice of a job…

Feeling the baby more!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 21 & 22

iphone pics 080214 035iphone pics 080214 071

How far along: 22 weeks

Total Weight Gain: Okay, so wow. I have gained twice the amount that I had with Emmy at this point in my pregnancy.  After asking my doctor multiple times if this was normal (apparently it is), he went ahead and ordered my gestational diabetes test for my next appointment. Yikes. I am going to blame the copious amounts of sweets and water retention.

Maternity clothes: I am embracing maternity.

Gender: A still unnamed Boy!

Movement: Moving more and more, but still don’t feel him all the time.

Sleep: I am still up once a night and am about to the point where I can’t sleep on my stomach.

Cravings: Sooooo…see weight gain above. I am now going to be forcing myself to crave fruit and healthy things. I have had an embarrassing amount of cookie pie from Uppercrust (which I highly endorse)….so maybe I will limit that to once a month vs. once a week.

Symptoms: My emotions have been all over the place this pregnancy. I had a bout of anxiety earlier this week. Sigh. I also have been getting full super quickly. Yet, I still eat…you know, for the baby : ).

What I am looking forward to: Getting his room organized – that’s my big plan for Labor Day! I emailed the girl making his bedding, so I am hoping it all comes together!

Best moments: Seeing our sweet baby at the 20 week ultrasound! We got to see him in 3D, which totally freaked Tommy out. Ha!

Tommy’s sister and three kids also came to Tulsa to visit and they have a 2 month old baby and Emmy LOVED loving on her baby cousin. She wanted to hold her and kiss her all the time. Gave me a glimpse at what a great big sister she will be! She also has started talking about things being “Baby Brothers” (like her old car seat) and it is super cute to see her look forward to him!

Also, finally figured out the fabric for his bedding, so more to come on that!

A few big sister pics:

Checking out pics of baby brother!

iphone pics 080214 024

Holding baby Abby. Also, the namesake to every single baby doll she has!

iphone pics 080214 007

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

20 month pics

So I had every intention of getting 18 month pictures of Emmy, but weather and other things came up, so we settled on 20 month pics! Sweet Lindsay McDaniel took all of these of Emmy and her cousins!

I am absolutely in love with this picture of Tatum!

Emmy was great taking pictures….she, of course, rocked her serious face, but I wouldn’t have it any differently! Love that sweet girl!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bumpdate Weeks 19 & 20

19 weeks20 weels

How far along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 8-9 pounds I love how I kept track last time and this time. I have gained double the weight and look so much bigger!

Maternity clothes: Mix of maternity and regular and when I say regular it is mainly my clothes with elastic. I have purchased several maternity items on clearance so I am not wearing the same 7 things over and over. Now it will just be the same 10 things.

Gender: A still unnamed Boy!

Movement: He is starting to move more throughout the day, but Emmy definitely was more of a mover at this point.

Sleep: Okay. I get up to go to the restroom at least once a night, but Emmy has been going through a spurt where no matter when I lay her down she is waking before 6. It.Is.Killing.Me. Any tips? I have tried earlier, later and everything in between. This too shall pass, right?

Cravings: Chocolate chips. It is a sad addiction. Note to others…when you run out of chocolate chips and need them asap – Braum’s does not sell them, but Walgreens does. I hope I have helped humanity out.

Symptoms: I had a two-day one hour bout of nausea, which was weird. It would come and go within an hour. Also, wow, hormones because mama has been angry. Like wake up from my sleep angry. Over really nothing. This is not typical for me…unless I haven’t had food. But hangry is another category.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing the baby tomorrow, working on his room, getting somewhat organized. Ha!

Best moments: This week Emmy said she wanted to go to baby brother’s room, which was precious. She also loves to play with his clothes!

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