Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miracle Number 2

In my blog post yesterday I mentioned how my husband’s back pain had suddenly gone away. He had suffered from chronic pain for two plus years. It was intense and really hard on everyone. You never want to see someone in pain and his was going on for what seemed like forever.

He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bulging disks. After going to multiple doctors, though, they determined surgery wouldn’t help him.

Just so you know how intense his pain was he tried everything including:

- Acupuncture

- Chiropractors

- Physical Therapists


- Back pain experts

- Nerve Block Injections

- An epidural in his back

- Burning of the nerves in his neck

I am sure there are other things, but this journey took him through just about everything. I will give you the reader’s digest version of what happened, but research brought him to the site of Dr. Sarno.

Basically, he discusses that back pain (really, most chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc.) is all in your head.

He watched this 20/20 video where John Stossel did a report on Dr. Sarno and how he helped him. It is seriously incredible. (If you know anyone suffering from back pain, I encourage you to watch it.)

Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain

So Tommy bought his book and it resonated with him. Within a few weeks of reading the book, he was feeling a little stiff, but definitely back to functioning.



As noted on the title of the book, there is nothing to do except read the book. You don’t have to exercise, take drugs, go to a physical therapist. I know I sound like an infomercial, but it seriously was life changing for him and was a whole heck of a lot cheaper than all of the stuff that he went through.

I wish I was being paid for this ringing endorsement, but just want to share it because it really was nothing short of a miraculous recovery for him.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 is  a day I will never forget.

In life so many of our days are pretty much in the center of the bell shape curve. They are average. Nothing significantly good or nothing significantly bad. Of the roughly  11,800 days that I have been alive, I can name or count probably 10 really amazing days (when I got engaged, when I got married, when my nieces/nephews were born, when I found out I was going to the Oprah show – totally not kidding) and probably the same number of bad days. So when you have a significant day, it stands out.

I knew January 30th would either be a day that changed my entire life or it would stay exactly the same.

I woke up January 30th feeling calm and peaceful. Two things I had been working on.  For the first time in months, Tommy was not feeling extreme chronic pain. As I drove to the doctor’s office that day, I honestly felt like I was in one of those Disney movies where the birds are chirping all around you. I didn’t realize how much stress I had been carrying from living with Tommy’s neck and back pain.

I got to the doctor’s office and had my blood drawn. I felt very at peace that whatever was the outcome of that blood test, it was going to be okay.  I prayed about it all the way to work and was somehow calm and able to let it go…knowing in a few hours I would either be having one of the greatest days of my life or settling back into the life I was familiar with.

My phone rang around 9:30. I actually knew the number. It was a doctor, only another doctor’s office – my dermatologist.  The week before I had noticed a spot on my chest that I had convinced myself was the non-deadly skin cancer. I made an appointment for two weeks out…then breaking all the rules of skin spot knowledge, I looked online. Convinced I had basal cell carcinoma, I called the doctor and they got me in the very next day.  The doctor wasn’t worried, which relaxed me a great deal, but went ahead and did a biopsy anyway.  This call had been hanging over my head. The reassurance that everything was going to be okay.  Luckily, the nurse had good news for me – it was benign, common and nothing to worry about.  Again, another weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Another prayer answered.

At about 11 I was about to enter the bathroom stall and I did that gross thing that people do – go to the bathroom with their phone.  Truth be told, I was opening the stall door when it rang, so I wasn’t technically in the bathroom with the phone.  Because, let’s be honest, whether you are waiting on a call from your doctor  or not, that is kind of gross. 

Knowing the number, I dashed out of that bathroom in 2.2 seconds and, again, felt strangely at peace.  I anticipated this moment would be full of heart palpitations and needing to sit down from stress.  Surprisingly, the conversation was completely lucid and I can remember where I was exactly when the girl asked how I was doing and I said “great” and then she told me my day was about to get even better. I was on the stairs, just about to get to the landing. She shared with me that I was, in fact, pregnant.  We shared details of my next blood test and whatever my numbers were (118) and that I needed to come back in 4 days to make sure everything was multiplying like it should. On February 3, 2012, she called again and confirmed to me that my numbers did indicate what they should – that I was pregnant.

If there ever was a day that was a gift, a miracle, a blessing, a sign that God heard my prayers, it was Monday, January 30, 2012.  I feel so lucky.

I wrote this last year about a week after I found out I was pregnant and just kept it for myself. Reading it actually makes me tear up to know that this day a year later we now have our precious little girl. I am still so grateful for our sweet gift and thought I would share for those of you who might also have struggled with having a baby. I pray your day will come soon.

PS- Reading this reminded me of Tommy’s back and neck issues. He is sooo much better now. I will share with you guys in a post (you know in my spare time J) what helped him so much!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Playroom Project

I am currently working on turning our office (which we seriously NEVER used) into a play room for Emmy. Mainly because my OCD gets all out of control when I see her toys all over my living room. (I am working on coping with this.)

I wanted a place to hang her artwork on the wall (I really plan ahead), and saw some really cute pinterest corkboard makeovers, so I enlisted my mom (who really did all the work) to help me.

So here is our before:

iphone pics 12013 032

We then took adhesive spray and sprayed the cork, placed the linen fabric over it and took upholstery tacks and started in the four corners.

iphone pics 12013 034

And, ta-da!

iphone pics 12013 061

Because my tutorial is pretty lame, here is the one we went off of from two twenty one. I will say, I liked using a solid fabric because it leaves you a little room for error. Which, let’s be honest, when it comes to a craft project, I need a little room.

I am still in the process of looking for a media center/storage for her toys, but here is the new rug I got from Overstock (they sell the same one at Home Decorators for twice the price) and the table my inlaws got Emmy for Christmas. Iris’s mother-in-law painted it and it has a chalkboard top. I just LOVE it!

iphone pics 12013 062

As per the usual, the pics were taken with my phone. But we are operating on a slim time margin around here!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I could go for one of these right about now

This is definitely a “Why hadn’t anyone thought of this yet?!” idea that I saw on Pinterest.

Wine + Ice Cream = Hello, obvious!!

You can get them at Mercer’s Online. Or maybe figure out how to make your own?

Here are the varieties:

  • Cherry Merlot
  • Chocolate Cabernet
  • Peach White Zinfandel
  • Port
  • Red Raspberry Chardonnay
  • Riesling

I am thinking a girls’ night soon!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Recommendations Needed

Oh, how I laugh at my pre-baby self. Tommy and I booked a trip with the baby prior to her being born. On an airplane. Leaving at 6:00 in the morning. What in the world was I thinking? (On the 6:00 a.m. thing it was the shortest travel time – tell me this was a good idea, right?) This one will also go under the completely na├»ve category.

On the plus side, we are bringing our moms on this trip, so the baby to adult ratio is 1 to 4. I am hoping this helps. And I am hoping the fact that the trip is still over a month away may make my travel anxiety subside : ).

So all of your mommy travelers, I need your help.

1- Advice on how in the world to check the carseat, pack n play and stroller? Unfortunately, we are not taking Southwest. Do you gate check the carseat and stroller? How does that work?

2- Would you bring your snap n go stroller or your umbrella? (Mind you, we have never actually opened our umbrella stroller since she is only three months old.)

3- What brand of car seat bags do you recommend? Here are my options on Amazon:

JL Childress Carseat bag – $35 (mind you, I am already betting this is our last trip with the baby in car seat for quite sometime and I am only willing to pay for this if it is an absolutely necessary expense).

Option 2 is a little more reasonable since we won’t be doing too much traveling via plane, but wanted to see if any of you guys had bought one. This is Jeep brand for only $18.

Do I also need the Snap n Go Travel bag?

And now for the fun part – we are actually super excited to be traveling for a wedding to Charleston, SC. I would love your recommendations on things to see, do and eat there! We have never been and I am excited to add another state to my list of places traveled! Can’t wait to see hear your “must-dos!”

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Personal Gift

For Christmas I wanted to get personal gifts for my two baby nieces and Emmy. I searched the internet for custom board books, but they were all $25 or more. That is fine, but it seemed pretty pricey for a 12 page book. I came across the company Blank Slate Books where they send you a blank board book and labels for you to create your own. The price was right – 4 books for $30. So I decided to make my own. You can use their template online or they have a PowerPoint file you can download and print from.

Now, I will say these aren’t going to be nearly as awesome as a book that has the photo imprinted onto the page, but it was what I was going for (and the price was right)!

Here is the book I created for Emmy:

iphone pics 1113 001

iphone pics 1113 002

iphone pics 1113 003

iphone pics 1113 004

iphone pics 1113 005

iphone pics 1113 006

iphone pics 1113 007

I used the PowerPoint template and then just printed it on my home computer. Again, it’s not perfect, but Emmy and my nieces love it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Emmy’s December

This is last month’s photo shoot picture that I didn’t include. It is amazing how long her hair has gotten! Tomorrow Emmy turns three months old!

She is very smiley this month. Here’s the first one I caught on camera. Cute girl!

Emmy is so much more alert and curious. She has really been looking at things like rattles, balls, other kids, etc. She loved watching all of her cousins play at Christmas. I think she felt like she was missing out.

Family Christmas pic. She looked cute in her Christmas dress.

Here she is wearing my Christmas dress from when I was her age (odd that we can make exact comparisons since we were born on the same day!) Obviously, she is way taller than I was -that or my mom had me in the shortest dress ever!

katie iphone pics 123112 014

Emmy rolled over from her tummy to her back this month. She did it twice in a row, but hasn’t had a repeat performance since then. Ha!

This is Emmy and her cousin Bella who is 4 months older than her. Amazing what a difference 4 months can make!

katie iphone pics 123112 015

Her current likes include:

Her newest Christmas toy from her Aunt Tori. She LOVES this!

She also loves to sit and watch other kids, still loving her play mat, she will sit in the bumbo or in my lap and let me read to her as well. I also will hold her and she will just stare in the mirror. And she still loves to look at fans and lights.

This month Emmy also got baptized into the Catholic church.

She was perfect and didn’t make a peep when her hair got wet either!

My sister and her husband are Emmy’s Godparents!

This month I also did a dry run of how it will be getting out of the house to get to work… I had my niece’s Christmas program at 8:30 in the morning the Thursday before Christmas. I had it all worked out. Emmy got up to eat around 4:30. I fed her, put her back down, got ready and woke her around 7:20. We ate, she pooped. I went to change her diaper – It.Was.EVERYWHERE. So we had an outfit change and I resigned myself to being a little late. I needed to go the bathroom before we left and the phone goes in the toilet. Now I am unable to call anyone to tell them I decided to just throw in the towel. So I go to the program, can’t find a parking spot and cry the entire time. I am sure the people there must have thought I was freaking nutso. I go to AT&T and they are able to get my phone to work again. Success! Then it goes completely black about an hour later. I go to Apple and they confirm the death of my phone. Luckily, I am up for a contract renewal, so I go to Walmart (since iPhone 5s are $77 cheaper there – go figure) and you will not believe this – the power is out. At Walmart. Seriously? I guess all is well that ends well, but it was definitely not my day.  Sigh. On the upside, she was in such a great mood and super sweet.

And just because these pics are super adorable (don’t worry – she was completely supervised), I had to share:

Emmy’s nicknames these days are – Emmers, Emmer Bemmers, Bemmers, and sweet girl.

I can’t wait to see what our next month brings!

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