Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Faves

Wow, where have I been???  Ha! I was stuck in my laundry room sometime last week with the storms…but that was last Tuesday.  So I am not sure at all what I have been doing. I am going to blame my absence on blogger. You know, it has been having problems lately.

Anyway, I still have several favorites from last week (and the first of this week) that I must share.

Today Andrea from J&A and Co. shared this really cute tutorial on some birthday gifts that she has made her friends. I think the cost was less than $5. Go here to learn how! (Andrea, I want to be your friend in real life – you give the best, most thoughtful gifts!)

I know I have mentioned on here a few times that I went to the Oprah Show several, several years ago.  My friend Janie, in honor of Oprah’s last day, wrote quite a recap of our trip. You must read it. Also, follow Janie’s blog. She is a million times funnier than I am (which may not be saying much, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.)

As I was going through my emails from 2004 looking for a picture (yes, I still have emails back to 2004…actually, back to 1998), I also found this recap from our friend Kelly who got us the tickets:

First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Katie  has a "top 10 dream/ wishes to do list". (What a great idea and tonight I made one for myself as well.... shouldn't we all have one???)... but one of her dreams was to see the Oprah show. So, I wrote in and got a call from Harpo studios saying I could have 4 tickets.
On Sunday Janie, Katie, Emily, and I went to Chicago. It was a great trip. We stayed at the Omni All Suites Hotel (where Oprah's guests stay) for 3 nights. We went shopping, to museums, and ate at a lot of neat places. Overall, the trip was wonderful.

As for our main reason in going.. Oprah....it was an experience of a lifetime. It is a pretty tough ticket to come by and a true blessing we were able to get 4 tickets. We arrived early (about 5:45) even though we were asked to be there between 7-8 AM. We wanted good seats. In fact, we were #8,9,10, 11 in line so only 7 people were in front of us (7 rough women were in front of us in head to toe denim...not the type of people you usually see in the audience).

When it was time for us to go from the "Audience Waiting Room" (which is the room AFTER security) they began seating people in the studio NOT by number. I was getting a little upset after waking up extra early and being in the front of the line... and not being seated #8-11.... but then they called out, "The party of Kelly Brown" to be seated.... most people call in numerous times to get tickets, but since Harpo studios actually called me to give me tickets (due to my heartfelt email) we were considered "guests of a producer" and ended up with FRONT ROW SEATS!!!! (Yes, the 7 rough looking women in demin were in the back.) So it ended up good... I would be upset if I were the first one in line and sitting in the back though but it just shows the Oprah show is DEFINITELY a "production" and the audience was "placed" in a specific place.

Good news...Janie got to shake Oprah's hand!
Bad news... it wasn't what I had dreamed it to be... it is a "job" for Oprah and we got to watch her "work" instead of going to a "show" and being "entertained"

Bad news....The topic... or lack there of... was a recap show of her previous after the show clips. We watched clips of Jim Carey, Gweneth Paltrow, Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, Christiana Augiulera, etc. and then Oprah commented on them.

Good news (sort of)... we got 3 free CDs... Barry Manilow, Celine, and Christina (great re-gifts)
I definitely want to go back to Chicago... I loved it... and I even want to go back to an Oprah taping to see a REAL show taping... one with a topic or guest celebrity....but in the end it was a great trip... even though it wasn't her "favorite things".I will let you all know when it will air (sometime in Dec.) Katie and I have on pink, Emily has on black, and Janie has on red.... I still can't believe we were 5 feet from Oprah.

Talk to you all soon... have a great weekend... travel safely!

Oh yeah... one more thing... Emily and I ran into Jerry Springer and got our picture taken with him.

Wow, this post is getting long. I guess that is what you guys get for my lack of “talking” for a week.

Back to the purpose of this post, my favorites for the week. Now, seriously, you guys KNOW my love for the little babushkas. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a babushka cake pop? Created by The Cake Poppery via Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Over the past few years I have become a lot better about wearing sunscreen.  I am pretty much freaky about it and am scared to be outside for more than 15 minutes without it.  (These are just the beginning of my “issues.”) I was pleased to see that this week on Target Addict she posted that Target’s house brand sunscreen was ranked #1 by Consumer Reports.  Because, seriously, sunscreen can get expensive.

This week on the Tiny Prints blog they posted the cutest cupcakes that were inspired by one of their invite designs. I love it when the party comes together like that! (Cupcakes created by Uh, oh Cupcakes.)

This weekend we did some stuff around the house and had a few people over, so I actually have something to write about this week! Yay for my blog having maybe a shred of content that someone else didn’t originally create!  (I am like google of the blog world….at least that is what I am telling myself.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sock Monkey Party

My friend Sarah (who I have actually never met in real life, but feel like we would be great friends if we did) threw the CUTEST birthday party for her little son Manny. You guys must check it out. You might die of cuteness. Here is a sneak peek. Go check out her blog Life {Sweet} Life for more pics.

The funny thing is I have “known” Sarah since she got married in 2006. We became friends on The Knot. (Clearly I am an internet junkie…you should have seen how much research I did on my anniversary cruise.) But have never met her in real life. Ha!  Wow, actually, now that I think about it, I was kind of a psycho planner…I even went to the knottie get-togethers. We wore nametags with our screen names. (I was TomKat06 – get it?)  Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t have just admitted that in a public forum. So just forget everything I said. Go check out Sarah’s work. You will love it. Every detail is amazing.

And, seriously, is blogger giving anyone else trouble? Um, isn’t commenting kind of the purpose of a blog? If I didn’t want to get a response I would just have a website. XOXO Moving on!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Faves

Um, to all of you guys that I follow, I have tried and tried and tried all day to comment on your posts and blogger refuses to cooperate. So if no one comments on this, I will totally understand. I am sure you tried your hardest ;).

As I type this we are in the midst of a potential tornado storm. I should be clearing out my pantry of all of the glassware (which is under the stairs), but instead I am watching a DVR’d 16 and Pregnant and, of course, doing this. I pray that I am safe and for all of my fellow Oklahomans (and those in Missouri). And for Pudge. He really has a hard time with this weather.

But on to fun news, I did have a couple of favorites this week. 

I thought this idea of a shadow box from the Tiny Prints blog was such a cute idea. Especially if you know you have a shoe lover on your hand. 

Okay, so I am a little late to the party with this picture, but I thought it was hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud.  via Katie Lately

Don’t these streamer make a huge statement?  What if I told you they made out of scrapbook paper?  Isn’t that so clever?  Get the full tutorial on Sheek Shindigs.

With graduations upon us, I thought these little cupcake toppers were really cute and a fun way to honor your graduate. Photo from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Do you guys read Knock Off Decor? I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago until a blog reader (can’t remember which one, but thank you!!!) told me about this site. The site typically has items that you can find in-store or in catalogs and shows you how to make it.  I especially loved this coral that Beth from The Stories from A to Z created to look like Pottery Barn’s coral. To create this, she just went to the fish supply section of Walmart and spray painted their coral white.  Doesn’t it look great?

I lurve this idea from Oh! Crafts. Have you ever seen a more clever use of paint chips?  I think not.  And it is basically free! Though I am sure Lowe’s and Home Depot hate to see this.

Okay, my husband is begging me to watch the news…hope everyone is safe tonight!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor Living and a totally random story

A few weeks ago my husband, who is always taking steps of “preventative maintenance” with EVERYTHING, ran over our outdoor rug with our lawnmower. I actually found this to be rather funny because, clearly, I don’t need to be schooled in this department ; ). Ahem.

Anyway, this was our back porch last summer:

And here it is with our new rug:

iphone photos 018

Basically exactly the same, but now with more color. I do have to say I like it, though!

iphone photos 019

Carter’s not so sure.

iphone photos 020

The rug came from my favorite store – Target, of course.

iphone photos 021

Later this week I will bring you my new front porch patio set!  (Target really loves me after this weekend.)

Now, for my random story. I hadn’t thought of this in awhile, but it is just kind of weird (serendipitous?), so I thought I would share.

Next week Tommy and I will be celebrating our five-year anniversary and when we got married I sent invitations to the parents of all of my bridesmaids, one being to the parents of my friend Mindy

Mindy and I have been friends since 9th grade, so by the time I got married we had known each other for 12 years.  Even though Mindy lived in Chicago, she would come here to visit and Tommy and I had been up there a few times as well. Tommy had even met her parents.

When our wedding invitations went out they said something like:

Mrs. My Dad’s Name and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy’s Parents’ Names request the honor of your presence at the marriage of ...

Well, Mindy’s parents get the invite and call her right away and ask if Tommy’s dad is from Sand Springs (right outside of Tulsa). It ends up that Tommy’s dad was in Mindy’s parents’ wedding! They had lost touch over the years and even though they lived less than 9 miles from each other had never run into each other.

Isn’t that just the craziest? 

Okay, I told you, totally random, but I thought it about it tonight and I wanted to write it down.

More soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thanks so much for all of your feedback and support on my previous post. I am just glad to know I am not totally cray-cray. And I also really appreciate those of you who offered to slash tires and cause bodily harm. I definitely know who I can count on for future abuses against me ;). Ha!

I am now officially moving on. Specifically to my newest hobby, pinning. (Also for those of you who need an invitation, just comment below with your email address and I will send you one. I want to follow you anyway!) 

So I decided to share my favorite gift ideas from pinterest this week:

First, you guys KNOW I love the nesting dolls. I don’t know if it is because there are miniatures within a big thing or what, but I LOVE them. My sister and I went to World Market last week while we were in Shreveport and I saw these measuring cups. We took shifts going into the store so that Finley could sleep in the car.  So I went in and admired these and then Allison went in and not knowing I had even seen them or admired them, bought them for me. I will take a picture soon. I have them in my kitchen and they are presh!

I also LOVE all things clever, so this cotton ball holder posted by Virginia Thornton was too cute. The photo originated from the blog Chez Larsson, but it looks like it was a vintage find. Sad.

I LOVE this customizable state pillow from etsy shop love, california. This would be the most perfect “going away” gift for someone moving to another state. I kind of want one myself…I heart Tulsa and all.

I love this custom poster for a baby’s nursery. For those of you that have photoshop, you could do something similar and for those of you who prefer to outsource, you can get it at etsy shop chaive.  I definitely want to do this for my next friend that has a baby to match their nursery. Em, I think that might be you!

In other non-pinning news, I don’t know what is happening to me, but I have actually taken an interest in basketball. While it is not full on, stop my other tv watching interest, I have developed an curiosity for OKC Thunder basketball. No one tell my husband, though, I don’t want to be stuck watching this too often. ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I had something happened to me that has NEVER happened to me before. Actually, I had several things happen:

1- I was accused of “oversharing”

2- By the nurse at my doctor’s office

3- Who I overheard talking about me to the doctor and another nurse

4- Right outside the door to the room I was waiting in

These are words that can describe my reaction to being talking about:

1- Livid (this is an understatement – noted by the 18 people I have called/talked to since 4:00 today)

2- Embarrassed/Mortified

4- Hurt

As many of you know, I am actually not a big “oversharer.” I hardly ever even share my personal life on this blog (mainly because it is extremely boring), but one would assume if when one goes to the doctor’s office for the THIRD time for the same problem, that one would want to share all of the details of said issue so that we get the prescription right this time and to confirm there are no other issues.  (Not to overshare, but it is not a big deal – just a common infection.) In her defense, I had googled possible issues that might be wrong with me and did tell her I had all of the symptoms of diabetes.

That being said, I wouldn’t expect to overhear the nurse talking about me RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR (I mean, I  am no saint, but I at least have the foresight to walk down the hall or whisper) saying that I “told my whole life story", (which for the record I didn’t and, frankly would have probably been remotely interesting,) was “oversharing the details,” and “even told [her] how many times I had to go to the restroom yesterday.” (Name that infection.)  Which was then met with catty talk from another nurse and no reprimand from the doctor.  (Can you tell I am still irritated???)

I am a little proud of myself because I am normally pretty passive. As soon as the doctor walked in the door, I did tell him that I wanted to apologize for “oversharing” and pointed to the door. He said he appreciated me being thorough with my description and that my test results looked fine, blah, blah.  He then went to get my prescription and came back and apologized for he and his staff being “unprofessional.”

Which was met with tears and me walking into the waiting room pretty much bawling. I can only imagine what those poor patients thought I was diagnosed with.  Not to mention the person taking my payment as I was doing the ugly cry while fishing my mastercard out of my wallet.

I did receive an apology “hug” from one of the nurses, which was not reciprocated, as she tried to tell me that “they were just laughing that the nurse got always gets all of the details and the doctor doesn’t even need to come in.”  Um, yeah, I wasn’t visiting for an earache.  I can in fact still hear.

I have also received a phone call from the offending nurse, however, my passive aggressive/hates confrontation side refuses to call back.

Tomorrow I will be sending a message to the doctor. It will be in the form of requesting that my files be sent to a new office.

Okay, world, I am moving on. (Tommy is thrilled, as I am pretty sure he has heard this story no less than 20 times now). Vent over.  Please tell me I am not the only one that this has ever happened to.

Monday, May 16, 2011

If you ever happen to be in Shreveport and are looking for a cupcake…

First, the funniest thing happened this week when I went to Louisiana for my Paw Paw’s funeral. A friend of my Aunt Angie (hi, Judy) recognized me as soon as I walked in solely from my blog. It was a first and, I have to admit, I felt a little bit famous. I have fans in other cities. I am kind of a big deal. Ha!

While we in Shreveport I decided I had to check out the cupcakes from the girls from Buttercups that were on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  For my celeb loving friends, you would be interested to know that Katie Holmes is also a fan of Buttercups. (Read the article here. We also tried the other cupcakery mentioned in the article…but liked Buttercups much better – cuter ambiance, fresher cupcakes, better presentation. I would have done a comparison post, but I accidentally dropped the Cupcake Gallery’s cupcakes on the floor – while still in the box – so I didn’t think that would be picture worthy.)

There are two Buttercups locations – one in Shreveport and one in Bossier City.  We went to the one in Bossier and it was in a really cute shopping center. I did steal this picture from the Buttercups Facebook page, but the rest of the pics are all mine, which I am sure you will be able to tell from the amazing quality. Ahem.

iphone pics 051511 006

iphone pics 051511 007

All of the cupcakes were beautiful and looked amazing, but we decided on the wedding cake, red velvet and strawberry. All were delicious, but, hands-down, the red velvet was the best. I will give it an award for the best red velvet cupcake that I have ever eaten. This quite a compliment – I have eaten a lot of red velvet cupcakes. All of the cupcakes were fresh, moist and had a great presentation.

iphone pics 051511 008

Finley even liked them.

iphone pics 051511 009

Now this is totally un-cupcake related, but Tommy cannot get over that in Louisiana they have drive-thru daiquiri stands. These are the real-deal daiquiris – not virgin ones. And this is how they come:

iphone pics 051511 010

The tape is there to prevent you from drinking and driving. Yeah…

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Faves

I hear from the masses (my sister, mainly) that you guys like the weekly faves, so I hope you guys do like my “finds.”  This week there weren’t as many starred items in my queue. Probably had everything to do with me being out of town for most of the week and that blogger apparently has issues.  Hmm…I may have to add a Pinterest favorites of the week. Because I am clearly developing a problem.

But without further ado, here are my faves.

I thought these tongue-in-cheek bag tags featured on Twig & Thistle were really fun and really clever.  I would love one for my luggage. It would definitely say “not worth stealing” or “dirty clothes.” (I really cannot imagine anything grosser than getting someone’s unclean bag.)  You can buy your own at the Harlex shop on Etsy.

I am completely in love with the yellow and gray color scheme. Very odd, considering yellow is my least favorite color. (Can someone tell me what that means?) I am currently trying to talk my mom into doing a yellow and grey room at her house.  But I digress. I loved this lamp makeover featured on I Heart Naptimes by Kiki Creates. Can you imagine?? That is quite a before and after!

Annnnnd that is it for this week. I told you – fail.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Like I Needed Another “Hobby”

So my sister and Aja have gotten me on the Pinterist bandwagon and I am officially obsessed.  (You can follow me here.) I think this might be one of those blessing and a curse things. Or take one item out of my closet because I got a new one – Twitter you may now be on the backburner. Maybe.

That being said, I love finding so many great new things with VERY little effort. Like:

Balloons as Bubbles via Everything Fab

Or this decorative tray, which is just a repurposed cookie sheet via Martha Stewart

Or these strawberries stuffed with cheesecake filling and a graham cracker crust from Sugar Derby.

So if any of your guys have a pinterest account, I would love to follow you.  For those of you want to know more, check out this post here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy Cannoli

Since blogger deleted this and I have no idea if it will ever come back, I am reposting so that I will have this in archive. Sorry if this is a repeat. 

We have a great family friend that used to own an Italian restaurant here in Tulsa and on Saturday they had us over to learn how to make cannolis. (You do know I am half Italian, right? I am sure you could tell by my dark complexion.)

We went off of this recipe.

iphone 050811 013

And had an adorable helper.

iphone 050811 021

My mom grated the chocolate, then all of the dry ingredients were put into the bowl, next eggs, wine and mixing by hand. Once the dough was “done” it had to sit 30 minutes

iphone 050811 026iphone 050811 027iphone 050811 028\iphone 050811 029iphone 050811 030iphone 050811 031

So we moved onto the center, which was ricotta cheese, homemade whipping cream, confectioner’s sugar and chocolate.

iphone 050811 032iphone 050811 033iphone 050811 035iphone 050811 036iphone 050811 037iphone 050811 038iphone 050811 039iphone 050811 040iphone 050811 041

Once the inside was done, we (I used that term loosely…clearly you can see that I am on the other side of the table) rolled the dough and then cut it(Who knew there was another use for a martini glass?), wrapped it around the cannoli thing (I am sure there is a technical name for that), deep fried it and – voila – cannolis!

iphone 050811 042iphone 050811 043iphone 050811 044iphone 050811 047iphone 050811 046iphone 050811 048iphone 050811 049

Verdict, totally delish! I would recommend doing this with several people at a party (and a glass of wine). It was fun, but labor intensive. Definitely something you would want to do in the company of others!

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