Personality, not Poses

I have some very, very talented cousins. I guess entrepreneurship is in our dna and on both sides of my family too! My cousin, Karen (my dad's sister's daughter, so the other side of the family), runs a successful and fabulous photography business in Dallas. Karen's focus is on children, graduating seniors and families. She has such a natural talent (her dad has a passion for photography too) and takes the most beautiful pictures. Her tagline, "personality, not poses" sums up her style. Here are some pictures from her site and blog. Isn't she amazing??

This is Alex's first day of school. So sweet and look at that little outfit!!!

Alex "discovered" yoga at a Baby Loves Disco event in Dallas. She loved it so much! Look how sweet she is!
This is a pic of Alex in Karen's studio space in Dallas. Look at those little angel eyes!!
Karen also has some fantastic shots of her sister's little one, Noah. He and Alex are very close in age and he is absolutely precious. Look at his coloring! He is just going to be so handsome!!!

And, this is my other cousin, Jennifer and Dwayne's, new little one, Addison! Look at that hair! Her little features are just so adorable. I cannot wait to meet her!!!

I love keeping up with all of the family through the blogs! And, they are all so cute!!!

But, I even love seeing the clients Karen shoots that aren't family because her pictures are incredible! These are some of my favorites:

This senior picture is just stunning. The subject is beautiful already but I love her in black and white.

So sweet and innocent! And, so teeny tiny!!
Do those little rolls not just make you melt? What a cutie!!!
I cannot imagine any dad who would not want this picture of their son. Tommy would totally die.
This is just so awesome. Karen attended the first morning of kindergarten to capture the special moments of her subject here. Can you imagine? What a great idea!!!
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  1. Super Cute Kids. like the one with the football!


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