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Today was a super busy day! We started the day out with Carter, Pudge & little Kit (we are kit sitting and I want to steal her from Teresa) at the Paws in the Park event at the Jenks Riverwalk to raise money for the SPCA. My mom and Iris & Bella met us there and everyone had an awesome day, especially the four legged furry family members.

Well, Iris had told me about this cute little tea house that opened on 19th and Harvard called Dragon Moon Tea Co. Honestly, I was a little hesitant about it because it used to be where my hair salon was located, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was super, super cute. I really liked the sandwich I got because it had some very unexpected ingredients but was still really good. It was turkey on a croissant with cream cheese and cranberry chutney. Seriously, you can't go wrong with cream cheese. Mom got a turkey pita with the most wonderful yogurt dressing. It really was fabulous. I think we were both kind of wary on it because the idea of a yogurt dressing is kind of weird, but we both loved it. Iris got a a chicken salad sandwich. My only bummer part of the meal was I got the pasta salad and it is mayo based and I don't do mayo. But, I brought it home for Tommy and he loved it. The desserts lalso ooked fabulous. Iris had previously had a chocolate croissant bread pudding that she said is to die for. I will definitely go back to try. We instead opted to have dessert at the chocaltier down the street.

Stop 3 for the day was at Old World Confectionery on 24thish and Harvard. The couple that own it are just so sweet and I just want to go in there all the time just to give them my business. Everytime I go in they always have a free sample and today was no exception. I got a chocolate crisp (yum!) and they make their own homemade marshmallows and we got a sample of those too. You guys, seriously, these were like no other. I recommended some peppermint flavored ones for hot chocolate around Christmas. Can you imagine???? We'll see. ; ) I was not disappointed with my dessert. I got a pretzel stick covered with their homemade caramel and chocolate. Mom got the same thing only with cashews (I tried it -- fab too). Iris got a lot of little treats. She said she often goes in on bad days. Chocolate is so much better than drinking.

My biggest regret is that my camera is still with the Geeks! So, I have no visuals for this lovely day! And, lets be honest, these are so much more interesting with pictures. Oh well, I will have to go again to offer you guys a true review. My life is so hard ; ).


  1. Katie,
    You are just too, too cute. I love reading your posts each day and look forward to all the exciting things you have to say. I don't even live in Tulsa, but I want to visit all your favorite places.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Katie!! This is too funny. I was reading your wonderful blog and The old World Confectionery used to be in Broken Arrow near my house and I thought that same couple was sooo sweet too and I was so sad to see that they had gone out. I am so happy to hear they JUST MOVED!! Hooray for them!


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