Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love before & afters!!

My husband and I have embarked on a 2 year home renovation project. We never intended it to take this long but when you live in a 70 year old home, nothing is easy. Apparently, back in the day people washed dishes by hand, as I have for the past two years. (It is terrible, honestly, terrible). My friend Megan used to tell me how much she hated doing dishes, I really felt no sympathy for her. I thought it was as easy as just putting a dish in the dishwasher and taking it out. I didn't realize that she hated doing dishes by hand...that was a foreign concept to me! Well, now I know how bad it is.

But now, after two years, my kitchen is finally complete. I have a brand new dishwasher, installed and ready to use tomorrow after the epoxy dries on the countertop. I seriously cannot wait to do dishes. I may even start to cook. Probably not, but at least there is a chance!

Unfortunately, doing dishes was not as easy as getting a new dishwasher. We had to have a cabinet built, as our previous non-working dishwasher was portable. (Who knew)! So, while we were getting our new dishwasher built we got our cabinets refaced and they look fabulous!

Here are our cabinets before:

Yes, those are our hinges completely exposed and a scalloped design above the sink. Nice.

Here are our cabinets now:

Sooo much better. These actually have rolling drawers! Our cabinet guy is just wonderful! In our living room, we have an arched doorway and he even replicated the arch over the sink. Love it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Business Launch!

I am really excited because I have been helping one of my clients build her business from the ground up! She is a very talented jewelry designer and while talking to her I realized how many niches in the marketplace she can fill! Anyway, I am still working out the kinks on her website but I wanted to show off her cool stuff that she can do:

These are the bouquet jewels that she can create.

Here they are in the bouquet. So cute!!! And, so reasonable! She sells 10 for only $9.95. Love them!

Kathy also is big into recycling jewelry. I love her Heirloom Collection. What is even cooler is that she took pictures of the "before and afters" so you can see how her jewelry has transformed. So cool! Here are some pictures of her "afters."

She also has a whole portfolio of her custom jewelry and does party hosting! Enjoy looking:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't you just melt??

If you know me, you know how much I love puppies. I came across this site and it just melts my heart! Honestly, these pictures are just the sweetest! How can you have a bad day when you see these sweet animals? To see pictures of just your favorite pet, there are links along the side of the page that are archived. Check out the farm animals and pups!

Don't you want a new pet now? : )

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So Clever!

I love graphical details! Seriously, I have a strange attraction to polka dots, paisleys and colors. It is a sickness! Looking through posts on one of my graphic design forums, I came across links to creative business cards. I love these details. It inspires me to think outside of the box for all of my clients. Since business cards are the first "look" at your brand it should be a great reflection of your business. If you put the extra details into your business cards, your customer will know that you will put the extra details and extraordinary creativity into their project! I love it!!

See these sites:

Part 1
I love the stretchy card for the personal trainer!
The clear cards are also really cool. I have a vendor that provides those for my clients and they look so professional. They also would make a great "gift card."

Part 2

Part 3
The hair dresser card with the bobby pins included is so great. I also LOVE the card for the forensic reasearcher company! It is so awesome. I would love to get one of those! Ha!

If you guys have ever seen some great cards I would love to see to them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My new billboard

I am very excited to be volunteering for Tulsa Habitat for Humanity. They are launching a new campaign to not only to brand their organization, but get more applicants and families into the program. It is so awesome to be part of such a great organization and use my skills to help them grow.

Habitat has a special place in my heart. I have always grown up knowing about Habitat but within the past year I have become very involved with the organization. In 2007, my mom started a campaign to have a Habitat House built in my dad's memory. My dad had started the Habitat for Humanity Chapter in Northeast Lousiana, so this was extra special to our family to be able to give back to an organization that meant so much to him.

In October of 2007, we paired up with KTUL to build the "Home for the Holidays in Memory of Ron DeFatta." I have posted some pictures of our time out building. While, I loved working on the house and learned a ton over the 2.5 month period, I realized I have no business working on a house and need to stick to helping in an office environment! : )

For those of you who are not familiar with Habitat you can learn about them at They are a non-profit who "gets it." Their philosophy is provide simple, affordable housing to those who live in substandard housing in our area. All homeowners work for their houses. They put in 500 hours of "sweat equity" that not only includes working on other homeowners' houses but taking courses in financial education, learning to sew, how to do minor fix-its, etc... Each homeowner also pays for their home with an interest free mortgage. All homeowners are given the keys to success so that they can create a better life for their children and themselves.

Ahh, makes you feel good : )!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet my nephew!

Well, I am finally an aunt! I am so excited to meet my new little nephew! Sadly, I still have to wait about a month, but from his pictures he is already just adorable! My sweet sister-in-law is tiny little girl and gave birth to this big boy! He was 8 pounds, 11 ounces and is just precious!
Here are some pictures of him taken by Blair Blanks Photography in Baltimore, MD. His faces are priceless!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Decorating Details

I love making my home personal. However, my husband has a different idea of "decorating." He thinks that egg shell wall colors are too bold. But, I have found the perfect compromise - Vinyl Wall Clings! This idea is beyond brilliant -- it is basically art that you apply to your wall but it peels off! I cannot paint to save my life, so this solves that problem too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cute Site!

For those of you all who know me well, you know I LOVE events! My sister told me about this website and I am addicted! Not only are there amazingly affordable party ideas, her blog is great! (And, there are links to other super cute sites!) You can get all kinds of great ideas for throwing the perfect shower, party or event and make it even more personal! Everything from the tabletop to the food to serve is included. Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My first blog ever!!

I am excited to write my first blog post ever! I am going to use this blog as a resource to show what I am currently working on and any other exciting things going on in my life! (Which will probably not be very often!)
I am excited to introduce a website and logo for my my client, The Simplified Space. I have been working with Allison on starting her new home organizing business for a few months. I was able to help her come up with her business name, secure her domain, create her logo, and develop her web site. Visit her site online at I get so excited to be involved in the whole process of starting a business! Allison is so passionate about her business it is no doubt that she will succeed!

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