Need a good laugh?

Yesterday, my friend, Kelsey, knowing how much I love a good laugh (& a good blog) sent me a link to this blog: Cake Wrecks. The theme of the site is to "showcase" ugly, misspelled or just plain creepy cakes. I probably laughed for a good 45 minutes--not only are the cakes hilarious, but the commentary is even funnier. I have attached a few of my favorites:

I can't wait to get this for baby Max in a few years!

There is nothing like a newborn, swetty baby.
Love this. The tattoo on the belly really personalizes the cake!
EEEKKKK!!! Can you imagine this face staring at you on a table????? Props for how realistic it is, but honestly!!
This decorator did a fabulous job with the Olympic Rings!

Make sure you have lots of spare time on your hands before logging on to this site, as you will get sucked in and addicted!


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