The Best Ice Cream in the Country

As you all know, I am 100% a sweet lover. If I could only recount how much sugar I have had today it might make some sick. But, you know, sugar makes life sweeter (get the pun???) Well, my favorite dessert is hands down a cookie (of which I have had two today) but every once in awhile, I have to have some ice cream. So, I wanted to pass on two flavors of Blue Bell that you guys must try!

1- Cake Batter Ice Cream. Brilliant idea. Who doesn't like to lick the cake bowl? If you don't, you are way too mature. Also, Cake & Ice Cream, they totally go together. Blue Bell just thought to put them together! (I know that Cold Stone and Maggie Moo's does this flavor too, but Blue Bell is a much better value). Honestly, try it and try it with sprinkles. You will thank me.
2- I don't know why I didn't think of this as a potential best ice cream flavor sooner, as Tommy and I go to get frozen custard and always get strawberry with shell chocolate concretes. Blue Bell must have known how delish this would be, as they have a new flavor out, Chocolate Covered Strawberry ice cream. Mom got this to accompany my strawberry birthday cake and all I have to say is YUM!
I do have a bit of a bone to pick with Blue Bell, though. I was going to send them some fan mail but they do not post an email address! Honestly, ugh. I will give them an A+ on ice cream and a D- on customer service. Also, for those of you who live in Tulsa, if you haven't taken a tour of the Blue Bell facility in Broken Arrow, you so should! Totally fun! I would grade it a B+. It satisfied my strange factory fascination....


  1. I may have to break down and try the choc covered strawberry ice cream! I LOVE ice cream ... in fact, I just polished off a Skinny Cow Choc Dipped Cone!


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