I'm Back!

have been a bad blogger this week! Same excuse...soooo busy ; ). But, I will be a much better communicator (at least for awhile). This week I turned 29. Ouch. I am so close to the big 3-0, but the good news is that all of my friends get to turn 30 before me! So, it won't be nearly as painful.

Tommy gave me some fun gifts but my favorite is my new addition to my Swarovski collection!

You know how I love miniatures! ; ) I display all of my pieces in the china cabinet that my mom got from a neighbor and painted for me. I love them all. They are so cute. Here are some of my favorites:

Aren't they all so cute?? I just love them! Tommy is also very good and picking out some very good pieces. And, secretly, he loves them too!


  1. Happy Birthday week. love, mom

  2. Happy Birthday Katie! Don't worry, turning 30 isn't as bad as it seems...so far my thirties are turning out to be pretty good! I think we all become much more comfortable with who we are in our thirties - you just may find that "million dollar idea" in your 30th year! Enjoy your 29th year and hope it is absolutely fabulous! love, Jennifer, Dwayne, Cooper, & Addison

  3. Oh & HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late)!! We'll have to go celebrate with the girls sometime soon!


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