Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sending out an SOS

OMG. I have a threenager. “They” weren’t kidding when they said two is a cake walk compared to two. And we are only two months into it. I am waving the white flag. Oy.

IMG_4476 copy BW

Photo from Lindsay McDaniel Photography

Anyway, this leads me to this post. At three I told Emmy she could have a big girl bed. You can guess how well that is going.

Anyway, once she moved to a big girl bed, sleep went from 11-12 hours a night to not going to sleep, awakenings in the night and the most frustrating – rising between 5 and 5:30.

We actually thought we were working through this because the evening struggle and night awakenings stopped and she at least slept until 6, but we seem to have had a regression.

I am all ears because I spend about 80% of my morning frustrated with her because I have been up since 5. And the early mornings mean she’s super cranky by 11. Ugh.

I have tried putting her back in bed without talking to her, putting her back in her crib, giving up her nap (which is only an hour to an hour and a half anyway), earlier bed times, later bed times, rewards, punishments, Santa calling her, but nothing works. Silver lining – maybe her tenaciousness will serve her well in the future.

Other than her growing out of this (or waiting for the time to change), any ideas?

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Holden

I can’t believe my baby is one! Truth be told, I had no idea what to think when I found out I was having a boy. I only have a sister and my nieces far outnumber my nephews. But like everyone said – little boys steal your heart. He really is a sweet, lovey baby. Now, it isn’t all sunshine and roses over here, but overall, I couldn’t ask for a more precious little guy. 

This month he started taking a few steps, but still crawls mostly. He’s been nicknamed speedy because he’s so fast.

We also had a stretch of about 3 weeks where he was super fussy, clingy and waking up at 5 a.m. daily. We were wondering where our happy baby had gone. Once his molar popped fully through, he was back to his old self.

Other milestones include, Holden knowing where things go and following commands. He will put glasses on his face, use a tissue to wipe his mouth and has even taken my moisturizer out of my hands to put it on my face.

For Holden’s first birthday we did a family party with a Woodland Onederland theme. It really wasn’t terribly exciting, but here are some pics for documentation’s sake!

I am not sure why my shirt is riding up in this picture, but hopefully my shirt wasn’t up this high all night. Grr.

The man of the hour:

I got my invitations and printables on Etsy and they were so cute.






My cake lady was booked, so we just did a Nothing Bundt Cake and I got the topper on Etsy.

The cake wasn’t a huge hit. He liked it just okay:

However, he loved the cookie cake I gave him on his actual birthday. (I knew he was a mama’s boy!)

Can’t wait to see what year two brings!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Emmy Three Years

My little princess is now three years old! The age of two was super sweet and super challenging all at the same time. Her little imagination has EXPLODED. She LOVES to play and I just love to watch her play. On the flip-side she is also strong-willed and knows what she wants and will certainly let you know her opinion Winking smile.

IMG_9277 copy

Some big milestones:

- She is now potty trained! Yay!  This was really easy, actually. I literally just waited until she was telling me she needed to go to the potty almost every time (this was in June or July). Then my mom put in her big girl panties while she was babysitting and that was that. No weekend at home, no bootcamp. She has had a couple of accidents, but overall is easy. (She does still wear a diaper at night and naps at home.)

iphone pics 10415 043

- She has had a few sleepovers with her grandmothers. To all those reading this…don’t wait until your child is nearly three to go on her first sleepover. I don’t know why I waited. Probably because I am a type A person who likes her to remain on a schedule and grandmothers don’t care about schedules, but I should have done this before she was 2.5.  Truth be told, I did try to get her to have a sleepover at my mom’s back in April, but it was pretty much a fail because she refused to quit talking to Tatum and Finley, so my mom had me come and pick her up.  But her other three sleepovers have gone great for me (and mostly fine for our moms – ha)!!

- Emmy started preschool this fall. She was soooooo excited about it and it was all she could talk about since January! We would drive by her school and she couldn’t wait to go. She did soooo well when we dropped her off, but her teacher said she was teary after I left, but did well the rest of the day.  She subsequently didn’t want to go the next three times (she goes Tuesday/Thursday), but she has gotten to where she isn’t asking to go, but not sad about it and no longer cries when Bop drops her off.  My sweet friend Iris picks her up for me and she is always excited to see her!  Her day is full of lots of fun, so I hope she really loves it by the end of the year!

iphone pics 082515 090

- She has now moved to a big girl bed. This was a milestone she was looking forward to. The transition has gone okay. It definitely could be better. In the past month, she has woken us up more than Holden has. I keep thinking that “this too shall pass.” So far we have a little alarm clock that comes into our room between 4:45 – 6:15. Mama needs sleep!

iphone pics 10415 127

Some other fun things:

- She loves to play mommy and daddy.  I am almost 99% of the time the little girl and she is the mommy.  The other 1%, I am the grandma.  Ha! Holden plays himself. She also plays this with my father-in-law and he is always the little boy.

iphone pics 060315 142

- Her other favorite thing to play is with any character toy (small plastic ones – forget stuffed animals – the girl has no interest).  For some time her favorites have been her peppa pig characters. She has almost all of them.  She will often play with them and have real life situations…she has had to send her peppas to the “calming area” on more than one occasion for poor behavior.  She will also give them two options, much like she gets. It really is hilarious.

- She also just loves the new dollhouse she got for her birthday.

iphone pics 10415 120

- Our night ritual lasts for quite a while. There are books read, stories told (they range from a Peppa story to wanting to hear about our old dog Pudge) and songs to be sung. She is on a patriotic kick since around the 4th of July. The child LOVES to spot an American flag too. She keeps asking why we don’t have one. (Maybe a Christmas gift! J) 

- Emmy is a major homebody.  If given the choice to go to the store with me, to go to Lowes and ride on the tractors, etc., she will almost always choose to stay with Tommy and play.  She will be happy to go to her cousin’s house, the zoo, or somewhere equally fun like the park.

iphone pics 7115 016

- When at the zoo, Emmy loves to ride the “carrotsell,” the train and her new fascination is with the camels.  Forget the animals. Those are just ancillary.

iphone pics 092615 068

- Emmy is a really good big sister. She is mostly sweet to Holden and likes to hug him (ahem, sometimes this is a chokehold) and hold him.  She has also been known to push him, but we are focusing on the positives here. They have been interacting more, so that is so fun to see! 

IMG_9379 copy BW

- Right now Emmy’s favorite show is Team Umi Zoomi. It seems super educational and teaches them about counting, but for a good 6 months she ONLY wanted Peppa Pig.  For a brief period of time there was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse thrown in there, but Team Umi Zoomi seems to have stuck. 

- The girl loves a dress. Those are her favorite things to wear.  She has gotten more opinionated about her clothes and likes particular dresses that she will wear over and over. I think it is a texture thing.  She has some knit dresses from H&M that are her favorites. Too bad we don’t have an H&M here because she loved picking them out when we were in Dallas on vacation.

iphone pics 092615 133

Some cute words she says:

- Gode (translation – went)

- Ncation (vacation)

- Mbecca (Rebecca for Rebecca Rabbit)

- Brudder (brother)

- Psketti (Spaghetti)

- Nilla (Granola)

- Ncord – (Her friend McCord)

- Nfessor (Professor)

I am not sure why the words have an “n” in the front, but it sure is cute.

We love our sweet girl and she certainly keeps us on our toes. I just love to watch her little personality blossom and just love this innocent, inquisitive, magical stage. (Minus the fits and the sleeping issues. I can sooooo live without those.)  Can’t wait to see what this next year holds.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holden 11 months

iphone pics 11115 115

I can’t believe that in one short month this little cutie will be 1!!! This month has been full of fun things and milestones.

iphone pics 102415 079

Holden is really into books now. He will cuddle up on your lap and loves touch and feel books the best.

He still is a huge fan of balls. They are a constant source of entertainment! It is so cute!

He also LOVES playing in my old rocking chair from when I was a kid! He will crawl in and out and stand up. It is right next to his bed and we have a little dare devil on our hands – I caught him hanging from the side of the crib after climbing on the chair!

iphone pics 102415 011

He is also a HUGE fan of animals. He squeals with delight when he sees a dog or cat. Emmy’s birthday was a pony party and he cried when he had to get off the pony. I love his sweet heart.

We also had baby’s first ear infection. He didn’t have any real symptoms except for that he straight up refused to nurse and only took 6 ounces on Friday by bottle. I called the doctor to get him in and sure enough – first ear infection. (Emmy had her first one this month, too.)

iphone pics 11115 061

Ever since the ear infection, he hasn’t had any interest in nursing, so I guess that ship has sailed. I luckily have enough milk store to get him through the next month and will just start pumping so that things aren’t super uncomfortable here. Ha!

Holden’s first Halloween was last night and he wasn’t a huge fun of his costume. He warmed up to it once we took off the hat. Poor little brother of a girl. Smile 

iphone pics 11115 080 iphone pics 11115 091

At his doctor’s appointment, he weighed 21 pounds, 13 ounces. He is a growing boy!

We just love our sweet little guy!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Emmy turns 3!

This weekend we celebrated my little girl turning three! I had already planned her birthday party (a Pinkalicious theme) and then she told me she really wanted an Elsa party! Luckily, her school has little birthday parties and her cousin Finley shared her family party, so Emmy got two frozen parties AND a Pinkalicious party.  That’s a lot of celebrating for a three year old!

Her family party:

iphone pics 092615 141

iphone pics 092615 142

A little blurry – but her first Elsa doll!

iphone pics 092615 153

Her school party had donuts! She picked them all out herself.

iphone pics 10415 082

iphone pics 10415 087

And her big party was her Pinkalicious one. We threw it at KJM Equestrian. They have a fun little play area for the kids and they all got to take a pony ride around the party area.  She had an absolute blast and loved seeing all of her friends! My friend Jordan helped me set up and took pics the whole time. She was an awesome assistant, so if you are in Tulsa and would like a little extra help for your party, let me know and I will send you her info! (Also, comment below if you can’t see these pics…I am not sure if they will show since this storage area is set to private. If not, I will make it public so you can view!)

Meeting Cuddly, the pony:

And this guy is the biggest animal lover EVER!!! He fussed when he had to get off and did a little pony ride, too!

And the best family portrait we could get! Ha!

Some party details:

I made the invite myself with the Pinkalicious artwork provided on the Pinkalicious site. (See info below.)



Party location – KJM Equestrian

Plates – Oriental Trading

Glass Bottles – Oriental Trading

Cookie favors (Pinkalicious’ wand) and centerpieces (I love double duty!) – OKCookieMomster (delish) My mom painted the pots for me, I printed out pics from the Pinkalicious site and then bought the cookies wrapped up to look like Pinkalicious’ wand and just inserted them into floral foam.

Cupcakes – Reasors (30 for $20 – can’t beat that price!)

Items for the cupcake decorating – The cake decorating aisles at Walmart and Hobby Lobby

Banner – The Pinkalicious site has lots of really cute printables, party supplies and games. I just blew up a poster that was on the site and put it on banner paper.

The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have had a better day celebrating our sweet girl with all of her friends!

Holden 10 Months

This little sweetie is ten months!

iphone pics 10415 083

He is a really happy baby and loves to play and smile. This is a selfie one morning!  He has been rising earlier, so that needs some work.

iphone pics 092615 109

He love, love, loves balls! Definitely his favorite toy!

iphone pics 092615 074

We also have a climber on our hand. This little guy loves to get on chairs and climb! Just like his sister!

iphone pics 092615 166

Some milestones this month include him giving hugs when asked, shaking his head “no,” his third haircut, climbing up the slide on our new swingset and repeating sounds when asked. He also loves peekaboo and will laugh hysterically when you play.

iphone pics 10415 109

iphone pics 092615 123

Isn’t this little heartbreaker handsome?

He weighs 20.7 pounds (42%) and is 28.8 inches long (58%).  No new teeth again this month, but he drools like crazy. We just love this little guy! He is always a joy!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Holden 9 months

iphone pics 0915 023

Seriously, time is flying with this little guy! We didn’t have any major milestones this month – no new teeth or anything!  He is still just a joy!

We did have some major sleep regression…so much so that I finally just took him to the doctor after a week of him waking up at 3 a.m. every day only to determine that sweet boy just wanted to make sure his mama was there at night. Ha. It actually made complete sense because out of that week, he actually slept 12 straight hours….only it was the night I went to a baby shower in OKC and he was home with Tommy. He knew I was gone, so he didn’t need to see me. Stinker.

At his doctor’s appointment, he weighed 19 pounds, 12 ounces. They didn’t measure him, but I think he is about 28 inches long. 

iphone pics 0915 007

Sweet boy LOVES to eat. He also had his first “popsicle,” which was such a hit that he cried when he was done and his mama gave him another one. I think he might be spoiled.

Lately he wants to be held all the time. Super sweet. It does make getting ready for work more of a challenge, though. Smile

iphone pics 0915 018

Sister still loves him. She is about as dangerous as a dog, though, so we have to watch her at all times because she has been known to pull him down or push him out of the way if he goes after something she wants. But she can also be really, really sweet wanting to help him or hug him (however, that usually ends with him in a chokehold…)

iphone pics 0915 011

Holden LOVES to be outside. He is always so calm in his swing, in the stroller or even his new “car” that Iris gave him!

iphone pics 0915 008

Many of you know my dad passed away about 12 years ago and my mom showed Holden this pic of him and he just got so excited. I think it is such a sweet picture.  And kind of neat to get a picture of the two of them together. I guess I never would have thought of that.

iphone pics 082515 023

iphone pics 082515 037

He and his cousin Luke are only five weeks apart and it is so cute to watch them interact!

iphone pics 082515 045

I just love this pic of him sleeping. He has started getting up in the morning and playing in his bed, which is nice.  He also puts all of his pacifiers through the slats in his bed. So when I come in to get him there are about 10 on the floor. That’s when it is time to get up! Emmy used to do the same thing except she would throw them over. Ha!

iphone pics 082515 009

Emmy started her first day of school in August and Holden didn’t want to be outdone by his sister, so he got a little sign for his first day of Mimi and Sue Sue all to himself!

iphone pics 082515 082

Holden is into everything and loves to play with balls! He has become sooo playful! He will chase his little soccer ball around (crawling, of course) and move it forward every time he tries to bite at it. He is also like Godzilla in the playroom. When he gets in there he will pull up to Emmy’s toys and knock them all over. She, fortunately, is a pretty good sport about this!

iphone pics 082515 127

We just love this sweet little guy!!!

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