Dogs in Costume - Seriously Cute

Today was one of the days I look forward to every fall. Dogs in costume. Seriously, cute. Tommy and I went to the annual costume contest on Brookside and there were some very, very cute costumes. I tried to get pictures of many of them but moving targets are hard to shoot. (Not to be misconstrued as a hunting pun).

Tommy was kind of "eh" on all of the ballerina dogs. But, I felt that every girl (even dogs) needs a good pair of shoes!
These dachshunds cracked me up. Even funnier is that the 2 year old was walking and these little ones were in the stroller!
Yes, this is a real skunk. That is all I am going to say.
This was Tommy's favorite dog. He LOVES bull dogs and this one was so fat and cute in his little pumpkin outfit.

This one was really cute. The dog went as ice cream and his owner went as a banana - so a banana split. I thought that was clever.
Janie, I got this little chicken pic for you. : )
Go pokes!
This was Princess Fiona
She was accompanied by Shrek.
This little poodle was wearing a saddle with a cowboy riding on it. Cute!
And, my favorite of the day, dressed in their "tuxedos," were my three men!


  1. I could just die!! TOO, too cute!! My faves are of course the tuxes, Shrek and Fiona, and the ballerinas.

    The jury is still out on the skunk!!


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