Thursday, December 8, 2016

Emmy is four!

So better late than never, right? Emmy turned four about 2 months ago, but in mom time, that's like yesterday. Ha.

Over the past few months, Emmy has really gotten so much more mature! We actually go a few days between fits. (Hallelujah! Now the other child has taken that over. Ha.) She sleeps through the nights most nights. We have given up naps and I have just come to terms with my day beginning by 6 (many days before) every morning. I had to take a cue from Elsa and just "Let it gooooooo."

Some big milestones - Emmy got her teeth cleaned for the first time in July. Luckily, her Sue Sue is her hygienist, so it was a great first visit!

 We found out over the summer than Emmy has an allergy to cashews, so she had to have her blood drawn for the testing and she got an ice cream cone for being so brave. She actually did way better than I thought she would for the blood draw. We also found out she has a mild allergy to oats.

(When Emmy was about 8 months old, my mom was eating cashews and she touched some food that Emmy had. We did testing then because she broke out in hives.  We didn't know the cause at the time....could have been a 100 different things, but everything came back negative. I honestly didn't think two things of it when she asked me to eat a honey roasted cashew that I was eating.  Then she  came back and said it tasted bad and wanted to throw it away. I found that odd, but again, didn't think much of it until she started crying and saying she couldn't get the taste out of her mouth. Then I could see her whole check was broken out in hives. Poor girl.)

Emmy got her first salon hair cut this summer. Lol. She was being a little obstinate, though, when the hairdresser would speak to her. 

Emmy started her second year of pre-school. She has grown so much this year. She is using her pencil correctly, can write most of her letters really well, can write most from memory.  She has also become more confident when speaking with strangers. I am so proud of her!

Emmy just loves spending time with her cousins. Even her boy cousins! They all play so well together. Emmy and Tatum have a lot of the same interests, so they can really keep themselves entertained. 

I am also so impressed with her imagination. Kids see the world in such a unique way and I love to hear her questions! She is soooo observant of things around her. Yesterday we were driving and she remembered a play house on the road and how it was decorated in stripes last year. She said it out of the clear blue. Crazy. To have a mind not encumbered by other clutter :).

Emmy can be really shy still, though. Tommy took her to a daddy date night at school and he said she didn't utter a peep all night. Haaaa!

But at Disney, she didn't have a problem talking to all of the princesses!

Emmy has a love for all things Christmas. She has decorated four Christmas trees this year and has loved seeing Santa and anyone Christmas related! She loves the music, the lights, the shows. I just love her enthusiasm for this time of year!! It really is so sweet!

I just love watching my sweet girl grow. She really is a ray of sunshine and laughter in our day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holden's Two!

My baby is two! You all, he is a little stinker. I wish I could fully describe his personality because it is so funny. He does the funniest things to get his way, like whispers, "Just one more Bubble Guppies." And it is so cute that it is hard to say no...but when you do tell him "no." He doesn't like it one bit. Haaaa!!

Waaaah! He is getting so big! But he is soooo handsome! (I know I am biased!)

He loves his sister and copies everything she does. Everything. But he doesn't like her to touch him. It has already begun! Ha! But he will give her sweet hugs if she asks for one. 

He is also the king of facial expressions. This is one he made when he saw the elves at a Bristow's Christmas Unwrapped. The elves were actually darling. He just scares VERY easily. (Good thing he didn't go to Disney!)

 Holden and his cousin Luke are just the sweetest friends. They will fight like brothers, but get so excited to see each other.  Luke is also about a good 3-4 inches taller than Holden. However, I took him to the doctor today for his well check and turns out that he is the 52%...apparently Luke is just giant. Holden weighs 25.6 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall.

 Holden's favorite things include:

  • Being outside
  • Riding his scooter. OMG. It is the cutest thing ever.  People in our neighborhood just get the biggest kick out of it.
  • LOVES soccer. He is in Lil' Kickers and gets so excited when he gets to go. He says "soccer game" and is obsessed with wearing his soccer clothes!
  • He also loves tv. I limit him to about 2 shows a day, but he would totally sit and watch it if I let him. His absolute favorite show is Blaze and the Monster Machines.
  • We got him a new train table for his birthday and Megan got him some Thomas the Train characters. He squeals "Thomas Train" every morning and gets so excited!

He had been sleeping amazingly until the time change, then started sleeping until about 6:30, but for the past week he has been waking before 6. He is turning into his sister ;). Haaa.

As for eating, he is pretty much a typical kid. Emmy has always done amazing at eating fruits and veggies. And he really doesn't care for many veggies at all. He loves sweets, pizza, and will eat more meat than Emmy.

 This picture just was the sweetest thing ever - this is him hiding in hide and seek! All the heart eyes!
 For his second birthday, we had a joint party with Luke. I totally failed as a pinterest mom and didn't do much...but he's only two. There's always next year, right?

Oh, I forgot to mention, Holden is 100% into his daddy. I basically can do nothing for him. "Daddy do it" is out of his mouth about 200 times a day. He wants his daddy to get him out of bed, put him to bed, get his food, get his water, brush his teeth, change his diaper, get him into the car, get him out of the car. It is actually pretty nice. I am on a mommy vacation. Only problem is daddy gets all the hugs.

We love this little man and his precious personality! Here's to a great third year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Makeovers and Giveaways!

Last week I was invited to Luxe Furniture in Tulsa to learn more about their products and offer a little giveaway (more below) to you all! I had been in the store before, but didn't really know much about their products.

What I loved most is that trendy, cute furniture that is functional is still attainable for moms. Who knew?  Also, the store is owned by a mom of two little boys (and you know how boys are with furniture) and many of her designers are moms too, so it's totally not just lip service.  And, if you're reading this and not a mom, they have stuff for you, too :).

My kids spend a lot of time on our sofa (Peppa Pig, Blaze and the Monster Machines, ahem), so I literally about died when I saw this white couch below. Haaaa. Can you imagine?  Well, you can. Haaaa! The couch covers are washable. For real. And that chair on the's is made out of sunbrella material. Yes, like the umbrella over your summer table. For those who know me, know I am super weird about textures. (I have to wear socks to bed because I can't stand the feeling of the sheets on my bare feet.) And, believe it or not, this was actually soft.

They also have a whole collection of kid's room furniture that is much better than anything I have seen out there. This bed below even comes as a crib!

There are rows and rows of fabric options. And, if the thought of that overwhelms you, (it does me), they have complimentary designers who can put a whole room together for you. 

I seriously love their design process. You have a designer come out to your house (totally free of charge) and they come up with a design plan for your room. It can be as simple as pillows, window coverings and a rug that will transform your room or can be more extensive to include custom furniture, etc. I also loved that their designers will also share their expertise on wall coloring, etc. if needed, to tie the room all together.

I would love to give away a $100 gift card to Luxe to one of you! They have some great hostess gifts (or a gift for yourself) that you can pick up, like this cheese plate! And I will throw in a $25 gift card to J. Cole shoes, which is a few doors down and has the best shoes and accessories in Tulsa!  (You can visit them both at 99th and Riverside at King's Landing.)

To win, just comment below, and/or on my FB or Instagram page with what piece of furniture you would most like for your home. I will pick a winner on 12/10! Good luck!

PS - I just found out that all of the pics in my previous posts didn't pull through. Oops! I will be doing some new posts soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I still need to post about Emmy being four, but I wanted to post about our recent trip to Disneyland while it was still fresh on my mind!

I have been planning this trip for months because I knew Emmy would be at the perfect, magical age for the trip. We also knew we were going to leave Holden at home because he is deathly afraid of characters, so Disneyland seemed more doable for a short (three day) trip!

I didn't tell Emmy we were going ahead of time, so I woke her up on Wednesday morning with the surprise that we were going to Disney! She was SOOOO excited. She absolutely loves to travel and was perfect on the plane!

When we got to Anaheim, we checked into our hotel, ate lunch and then hit the park. First stop:
As luck would have it, Nick Lachey happened to be walking in the back entrance as we were walking out. He was really friendly when I told him he had cute kids ;).

Our next stop was the big mouse himself, rode a roller coaster, went to all of the houses in toon town, then we ran into Goofy on our way to It's a Small World.

We took a little break for a Dole Whip and the Soundsational Parade:

And if that wasn't enough, we went over to Disney California Adventure for the Disney Jr. show! She was an awesome trooper and did great! We went to bed at 7 CA time (9:00 our time).

The next morning began at, no lie, 4:30 CA time. This time didn't get any later during the trip, unfortunately. Luckily, she really was enthralled in the Disney Magic, so it didn't affect her mood at all (until we got home...but that's a story for another day :)).

We started the morning at Disneyland during their Extra Magic Hour. Now, if I were to do it all over again, I would have taken the advice from all of my planning blogs and done the other park on the Magic Morning even though we had been up for HOURS and would have had to wait another hour, but apparently I don't listen well. It was crowded, but Emmy still had fun. Her favorite rides with the Carousel and Dumbo.

We hopped over to Disney California Adventure and spent most of the day there. It was HOT, so we rode Soarin, went to the Frozen show, went on Mosters, Inc., met Olaf, met Elsa (Anna must have had a cold), and then watched the Pixar Parade.

We went to bed close to 8 and the excitement woke Emmy up again at 4:45.  So we hit the parks bright and early. We started at California Adventure to take advantage of the Magic Morning, then hopped over to Disney when it opened. Emmy loved the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was her first big ride!

We went on Toy Story Midway Mania, which was a lot of fun, too. We met a ton of characters this day!

And we had a princess lunch, where Emmy was in heaven. (After she got over me accidentally slamming her finger in the door when I told her not to open it while I was going to the bathroom. Oy.)

After our lunch, we took naps and went to pool, which turns out was Emmy's favorite part of the trip. Ha! Glad we went all the way to Disneyland for the pool. It did have water slides, though.

That evening we went back to Disney California Adventure and did a few rides in Bugs Land, but it was crazy packed, so we called it a night and went back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up at 4:30 (again) and went to breakfast at our hotel. It was our last day, so we only had a half day in the parks. We were able to get there before 8 and ride the last few rides we hadn't yet.

We also got to meet some characters we hadn't yet. My friend Julie got Emmy this autograph book for her birthday present and it was perfect for getting everyone to sign it!

We got to meet a few new princesses with zero line (thank goodness)!

This pic cracks me up. Love my hair. This ride was super fun!

It was crazy hot and crazy busy, but we had a great trip. I am glad we got to experience the magic with her!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Emmy Turns Four!

Emmy has been saying for months now that she wants a Hello Kitty birthday party with a bouncy castle (that is likely thanks to Peppa Pig). Luckily, my gym has a great facility that is insanely cheap to rent and includes a bouncy castle! Yay!

And mom fail. I didn't get a pic of the bouncy castle, but I swear it was there! The party was at 10:00 a.m., so I had some fruit, cupcakes, popcorn and a chick-fil-a tray (not pictured). It was surprisingly all gone by the end of the party!

Sugarheart Bakeshop did the cake!

Emmy really wanted to decorate cupcakes again like we did at her 3rd birthday, which I apparently failed to get a picture of as well. (I apparently needed a professional there!)

As favors, I thought it would be fun if the kids could bring home their own paintings. I had these black and white coloring pages printed onto foam core board. The kids all had a blast!

My other favors were the Hello Kitty Suckers I found online and had them do double duty as a centerpiece:

The Hello Kitty die cuts I ordered off of Etsy. They are actually note cards, so they also did double duty as our thank you notes!

We had a great time celebrating our best girl!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

American Girl Doll Dream!!!

Soooo since I was 11 I wanted an American Girl Doll. But my mom said I was a little old (she was probably right), but I seriously pined for one until I was 33...until my aunt and uncle surprised me with one. It was really one of those best surprises of my life. Even when I was pregnant with Emmy, I would get catalogs and dream of going. Well, it finally happened.

Allison had been planning to take Finley for her 7th birthday, so I jumped on that bandwagon and said we were going too.

If you are have any interest in going to the Dallas location, we booked the Marriott Quorum by the Galleria. If you click on deals, find the American Girl package.  The room rate for that night was $129, but the American Girl package was $149. With it we got an American Girl bed, doll slippers and robe and a $25 gift card. We also were greeted in our room with milk (chocolate, strawberry and regular) and cookies!

Poor little Holden was also subjected to this excitement. Stinker. He didn't hate it, though!

We went to the store the night before our dinner so that Finley could pick out her doll before our lunch. 

And Samantha got a makeover! The before. (She got her hair done while we were at lunch.)

Isn't this just too sweet?

I loved this. When we went to pick up Samantha, they asked Emmy to sign for her.

Heart melting!

And after!

Some excited girls (and dolls)!

Now, I don't know if we caught them on an off day, but lunch took FOREVER. Seriously, an hour and 45 minutes. Have you ever been with a two toddlers at an hour and 45 minute lunch? I can think of things I would rather do. I would maybe do the ice cream counter next time. I think it would be the same experience with a lot less waiting.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dave & Buster's Mommy Blogger Event & Giveaway!

My first time to Dave & Buster's was visiting my high school friend Mindy in Chicago. We had an absolute blast and I was so excited when they built one here. (I could play skee ball for hours.) We have been to the Tulsa Dave & Buster's several times for birthdays (mostly adult), date nights and brought my nephew for his birthday a few years ago.

When I got the invitation to bring Emmy and a friend to the Tulsa Mommy Blogger Birthday event at Dave & Buster's, I was excited to attend since I hadn't brought Emmy yet!

First, I had no idea Dave & Buster's had a huge party room. They have several different room options that you can reserve, from a smaller room to a large party room ranging in price from $50 - $100 for 3 hours. The fun thing is that you can do this for corporate events too.

For kid parties, they have different pricing options that include food/drinks, player cards and tickets for the birthday child. The food is obviously very kid friendly. (And there is even something green on that plate!)

We got to bring my sister and her girls. All of the girls had a blast, but Finley (7) was at the perfect age for enjoying everything.

Since I hadn't taken littler kids (Tatum - 4 and Emmy -3), I was surprised at how much they could play!   

This little game the kids could make their own blizzard. 

Playing a giant piano!

The kids also got thissss close to getting a stuffed animal from the crane machine.

Not pictured was Emmy's delight when she got to pick out a Hello Kitty doll from the gift shop with her ticket money!

Dave & Buster's was kind of enough to give me a $50 gift card to give to one of my readers! Just leave a comment with your favorite Dave & Buster's activity!

*I was given a gift card and dinner in exchange for my honest review.
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