Shopping on the Brain

I think I am shopping deprived. I cannot remember the last time I bought something fun. Weeks, at the very least. My husband will be thrilled. I have not been to Target in two weeks....I am going through withdrawals!! But, yesterday, Jennifer Weida, my Southern Living at Home Rep, sent the new Fall catalog. There are so many "must-haves!" (Again, my husband will beg to differ, but whatever -- I work too :)--don't tell him I said that!)

I have a lot of Southern Living at Home stuff. I think my mom went to/had several parties when I was engaged, so I had many a wedding gift from Southern Living. But, honestly, I love all of my SL stuff. I also get tons of compliments and I give someone other than Target my home decor business. I am a grownup now so I should have some nice stuff (at least that is how I justify my purchases.)

Sadly, the catalog does not let me copy and paste pictures, but I will just run through my faves:

Page 31 - The Amelia Glass Tray and Trio*. I love this. It goes with my embossed edge pearl china (which, I am not sure I have ever used) but I am sure I will now that I have a working dishwasher.

Page 44 - The Windsor Tray is so cute!*

Page 45 - I need the Astoria Carafe.* I have the whole Astoria collection and I must complete the collection.

*You would think I entertained a lot with all these pieces I like.

Page 52 - The Estate Chandelier. My mom has this and she decorates it for each season. Right now it has shells and candles for summer and it is super cute.

Page 62 - 64 - Love the blue in the Tuscan collection! It is so cute and matches my everyday dishes.

Jennifer will have a "booth" at my shopping event on August 16th that will feature many of my fabulous clients! If it is a successful event, I hope to have another one with my new clients around the holidays! If you would like more information, please email or comment and I will send you the details!


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