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When I first started my blog, I posted on some very creative business card ideas. (I have come a long way---I finally figured out how to post more than one picture per blog!) Anyway, my graphic design forum recently posted a "Part 4" and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you guys.

This business card is so clever because of the company name and tagline. And, to be honest, I don't think I have ever received a clear business card. I definitely would hang onto it.

This one is cute. The back of it has all of the contact information and looks like a postcard.
I love this business card that looks like a store tag. This would be perfect for someone who has their own clothing line or clothing store.
I like this one because I love the simple, familiar look of the "Hello my name is" sticker. This one is especially interesting because if you have a high turnover staff you can just have them write their name in ; 0. They definitely got around ordering business cards for each new employee!
This one looks like a clearance sales tag but when you look a little closer it is actually a business card. Also, if you read into it, the 2 cents is very clever. This would be a great card for a marketing consultant. This one is cute. I love the diecut shape that looks like someone took a bite out of it!
I love the idea of standing out with your business card. After all, it is your brand and you are making a statement about yourself and your business with your card (and logo, and website,etc...but that is another post.) I have a great card vendor and I have been really pleased with how all of my client's cards have turned out. I am really into thick cards with rounded edges. One of these days I will actually get my work on my website for you guys to see. I am luckily so busy working with all of my clients I have not had time to focus too much on mine! Definitely a good problem to have!


  1. your collection of card is good specially i like the first one which is transparent.
    PVC card


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