OMG too cute!!

Last night, I helped Jackie of Hide & Seek Boutique get ready for her first showing and I was beyond impressed with her designs. Everything was ADORABLE!!! She has great taste and she is so detail oriented it made me want to cry! Everything was soooo cute! Baby Max is so getting some fun items! ; )

I have known Jackie since high school and we were sorority sisters in college and, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought she had worked in brand marketing. (She did major in Public Relations and later went on to be a kindergarten teacher, so I guess this is a natural fit now that I think about it—deep.) Jackie had every detail of her marketing down to an art, quite literally. Honestly, her attention to her branding was better than many huge companies do for themselves. She had everything tagged with her logo and website. Her pillows, blankets and nap mat covers also had a sweet cloth logo tag sewed onto the items. Her bags each had her logo with her web address and each bag contained her business card. Really, it was seriously beautiful to someone who loves little details. I could go on and on. I am sure she thought I was crazy when I was taking close ups of her tags.

Here are pictures of the tables last night:

I told her she was going to have to fight the urge all day to not rush to the table and remake it after someone touched an item! Because that is sooooo what I would want to do!

Her stuff was so cute I could not pick just one for my “favorite.” Some patterns are so cute that they are perfect for adults too…. So, here are my favorites, since there was no way I could just pick one:

Jackie is going to have another showing next Saturday at my “shopping event.” So, no worries, there is more where this came from!


  1. Oh Katie you were right everything was so cute!! It made me wish I had a girl too! LOL I bought an adorable towel wrap for Cort.

    My mom's friend has a store and she is like that too, when someone buys something or moves stuff it kind of bothers her b/c it messes up her display! LOL


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