I am really excited to do announcement’s for my godson and friend Julie’s little cutie! She (or her husband -- not sure which) took this picture of Preston , which is so fabulously professional looking! Here are some of the options I created for her. Some are done similar to announcements on, so I cannot take credit for all of the creativity on these. But, I think they turned out really well and I can save her a little money too! : )

Julie and Doug chose this last announcement. (This shows the bleeds, that is why the polka dots might look a little strange...I promise it will look normal when cut!) They have great taste and beautiful children! He looks so sweet and innocent in this picture! Everyone will love to have this announcement on their fridge!!


  1. Those are all precious!!! I'm impressed with all of the work you are doing Kate. You go girl!!!

  2. Katie.. you are sooo talented... you should quit your day job and just doo websitees, announcements, marketing... you are amazing;) I love your blog:)


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