New Site Launch!

I have been working really hard on the website for Miss Bee's Specialties! I am so excited to announce that it is complete. Please visit it at I am really pleased with how it turned out! I used Flash Video for the first time on the home page and within the custom cards, so you can see how adorable the inside and the outside of her cards are! I also was able to create a more complicated shopping cart, which was fun (and an education for me!) Also, I am sure it we be invaluable to Becky as her business grows, so she will be able to complete orders more quickly so as to not have to spend so much time emailing back and forth with her clients.

Check out her site and if you find anything that you feel needs to be changed/updated, please let me know! We are in the testing stage now, but orders can still be placed without any issue! You guys will love Becky. She is fabulous to work with and very, very accomodating. She will do awesome in her endeavors!!


  1. The Miss Bee's website looks great! She has some really neat stuff :-)

  2. I have used Becky before & she is great! So talented & high quality products!


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