Party Time

As promised, here are some pictures from the graduation party my sister threw her husband! I helped her with all of the flowers and I think everything turned out super cute!

Here is the cake Allison ordered Kyle (his brother Michael also graduated from college on the same day…so it was a dual purpose cake)!

These flowers are all from my mom’s backyard. My mother-in-law has an orange tree, so we just borrowed some oranges from her. We had the raffia from a gift bag and the vase was my mom’s. With just a little creativity we did this whole arrangement for $0!

We had a two tiered tray that I received as a wedding gift to put desserts on. I just put some irises on the tray and it just added a little more visual interest to the food. These are the little details that take a party to the next level.

More details…the party was a fiesta theme and this is where we were going to put the tortillas. I used more garden irises, a chili pepper from the event and hosta leave from outside. Once again, all FREE!

We did buy a couple of bunches of Gerber Daisies at Sam’s. I placed a gerber and hosta in all of the platters for some visual impact.

Our main expenditure was this centerpiece. My mom got this container (if that is what you would call this) at Southern Living at Home a couple of years ago. We use it at all of our parties because it gives the table height and is super cute and easy to decorate. For the whole centerpiece I think we spent $12. So, truly a bargain! Inside the base are key limes (from the grocery store), oranges (from my mother-in-law), and chili peppers (also from the grocery store). The little vases are part of the arrangment and I used the gerbers from Sam’s and the irises and hostas from my mom’s backyard.

All of these details were super simple and required very little time or money. Try a couple of ideas at your next party! I will post some more pictures of backyard arrangements this week!


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