Last night, I had the best time. My former flower partner, Brenna, put together a group of women who inspire her and I was in her top 5! What an honor! Seriously, especially because she is super impressive herself. I love the way she thinks and I was fortunate enough to learn a ton from her during the three years that we owned our floral design business together.

Our group also consists of three other girls that are very creative and inspiring. I worked with two of them at Williams and I met one for the first time last night. The girls from Williams have moved on to some very impressive endeavors. Suzanne has a booming ebay and property rental business. Catherine is just fascinating and inspiring to listen to. She has so much knowledge, you just want to eat it up! (More about her new endeavors in a sec...) I was also excited to meet Marie. She is the piece of the puzzle I feel like I have been missing. She has a masters in Product Design from Stanford--um, wow! And, she is very clever and funny.

Our first meeting we kind of introduced ourselves and caught up on our entrepreneurial endeavors. Catherine is launching a new business here in Tulsa and it is going to be AWESOME! She has just rented space on 38th & Peoria on Brookside and will be opening a new business in the next few weeks called Sage Culinary Studio. The concept is just fabulous. She will be offering cooking classes for kids and has so many ideas to grow her business to include courses for students going to college, newlyweds, etc... But, when she starts she will be focusing on children from 3-13. Not only will she have cooking, but she will teach the "students" basic kitchen etiquette: how to set the table, proper table manners, how to clean up the kitchen as you cook and afterwards, how to host a party, etc.... And, it will be fun for the kids! As I learn more about the business, I will post more. But, I know it will be an awesome success!!


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