Love a Good Deal!

I mentioned my next post would be much lighter, so I will deliver on that! Today, I had a few minutes to search Etsy and since I am feeling frugal, I will bring you adorable items all for under $10! (My sub par lunch at Subway today was $7.28, so these are definitely some great deals!)

My sister is a great organizer. I sent these to her because I just thought they were so cute! I may be slightly more motivated to organize if I had these. Well, at least they would look good on my desk.

I love this business card holder. It has personality but is still professional!

Confession -- I hate to buy greeting cards. I love paper products but for some reason I think $3.25 for a Hallmark card is a huge waste. Instead, I love gift tags. I think they are adorable (they are so mini!!) and economical. Seriously, you cannot be the price of 21 cents for these super cute tags.

Lately I have been obsessed with owls. Seriously, they are so cute. Would this not be so cute on your window?

Okay, and this is so cute too: Also coming, later this week I am going to help Jackie of Hide & Seek Boutique set up for her first showing! So, I will post some pictures of her adorable stuff! I cannot wait!!!


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