So excited!

Okay you guys....I posted a few weeks ago about the dog replicas on etsy. Well, I decided that Tommy and I could not live without replica versions of Pudge and Carter. So, I went on an etsy search and found someone who can do them much more reasonably and contacted her. She was not planning to do custom work quite yet, but agreed to do some for me. (I was so excited---I tried to buy baby Max a Pudge/Carter stuffed dog and NONE exist. So, I had to settle for a black lab. Totally lame.) So, I received an email from Amy with pictures of my replica Pudge!!

See Pudge:
See Replica Pudge so far (she noted that Replica Pudge is in fact black, she took most of the pics without her flash):

I love all the little details, like his white back paws, little white tip on his tail and his white chest. I am so excited with Pudge, I cannot wait to see Pudge with Carter! They will just be precious! I will keep you updated on the progress!!


  1. Awww...isn't little Pudge cute!


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