I hate to brag, but I have a gift. Sadly, this gift will not make me a millionaire, nor is it that extraordinary, but, at least I have a gift!! I really think I am a human google master. I can find anything online. I am not kidding. Anything. I think this satisfies my inner detective...I was always good at Clue as a young child.

But, there is something in it for you! So, as I was out shopping today I realized how much my googling/yahooing has saved me over the years and sometimes when I am in Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma I make mental notes about what I might want and find it online for a better price. I know, I take all the fun out of shopping, but I do love to do research, so it just extends the buying process. I know, I am a nerd. This is just one of my many quirks. Anyway, while I was out today I decided to help you guys save a little on cute decor items that I saw and knew you could get a better deal elsewhere.

Example #1 -

These two photos are square and rectangular vases for Pottery Barn's online catalog. I love these. They are classy and cute and any flower arrangement looks super cute in them. I love them so much I had them as the centerpiece container at my wedding. But, I refused to pay up to $44 per vase. Give me a break! So, I used my searching skills and found exact replicas Jamali Garden. Some, you do have to buy in bulk, but many you can just buy single glass vases. I recommend these in either the 4 1/2 inch or the 5 3/4 inch. You will love them!

Example #2,

Restoration Hardware today had this $49 wine carafe with etched words. Granted, I could not find an exact replica, but it is close enough and only a fraction of the price ($6.95) at Crate & Barrel!

Example #3:

Books and Magazines. I absolutely love both. I also love bookstores but I cannot bring myself to pay retail price for a book. I always buy my books online. The last book I read was borrowed from Kelsey, but the book I read before that was The Starbucks Experience (again, I know I am a huge nerd). The retail price is $24.95, however, I got it for around $11 by going to and getting the best price.

One last tip...I am a huge magazine fan. I am not lying when I tell you I subscribe to at least 7. But, I get them on ebay. You have to beware, as frauds are out there...but, I got 2 years of US Weekly for $18, 3 years of Inc and Entrepreneur for $3 each. So, check ebay before you renew or buy a subscription!

I am not a total fun hater. I promise. I go out to eat, have a drink with dinner, I will buy impulse items here and there and I am addicted to Target! I do buy something full price every now and again ; ).


  1. Oh katie you crack me up b/c I do the exact samething! I am horrible about too! People are always teasing me b/c Im always saying oh no i would get on the internet and find one for alot cheaper! Im glad to know that you are just as silly as I am!

  2. I almost forgot I did the samething on Ebay and got an US weekly for $15


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