Change is Strange

Sometimes posting is not as easy at it seems ; ). Since my posts kind of run the gamut on topics and are random like me, I went searching for something fun and interesting. Well, I came across the site Change is Strange. And, OMG, I LOVE this! They create books that are personalized with your child's name in them and they help them better understand big changes in their lives.

1- You guys know how much I LOVE personalization.
2 - I had a book like this when I was a kid and I still remember it. I absolutely LOVED it! My mom had the books personalized with my name in it and my cousin, PJ, was also a star. I don't really remember the storyline of the book, but I think it had something to do with my cousin and I going on adventures together. Obviously, my mom had these made before Allison came along. Mom, do we still have these???

The topics are really cute and I am sure would be helpful for kids going through any transition. Some sample topics - New Baby, No More Pacifier, Mom & Dad Go on a Trip. I want to buy them all!


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