So, I mentioned that I bought Baby Max some things at Jackie’s Hide & Seek debut event last week. I was emailing my sister-in-law, Kristen, yesterday and I mentioned to her what I bought Max at the showing. Kristen loved what I got him and I thought I would share these with you guys! Jackie is a vendor for Mommy Labels. They are all absolutely darling labels. I really had a hard time deciding which ones to get Max, but I decided they are all cute, so I really could not go wrong! I bought Max these labels:

And the cool thing is that they are vinyl, which means they can go through the dishwasher and microwave and don’t peel off. Kristen said this is awesome, especially if the kids go to daycare, as her current taped on labels leave a sticky residue.

I also got Max some cute little bag tags. Here is the style I bought:

These are thick and great quality. I got her and Brannon’s #s printed on them, so if she ever left his backpack or diaper bag somewhere they could get ahold of K or B easily.

Anyway, take a look around the site. You will love all of the designs!!! If you are interested in any of them, you can order them directly from Jackie (the price is the same and she will get a little extra business!)


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