Yesterday I posted about my flower business and my flower partner, Brenna. We owned and operated our own floral design company out of our house called Flower Girls. I loved it, loved it, loved it. But, the stress level of working with perishable items was pretty high. So, now I just do them here and there for friends and family, but I thought I would post some of my favorite bouquets that Brenna and I created. I recently realized that when looking back I was a lot more talented than I thought (I always knew Brenna was talented) and we definitely should have charged more. But, I guess you live and learn. ; )

Brenna did the below bouquet for a fall wedding and it was absolutely perfect. She got the colors perfectly balanced but also the shape is fabulous. Any bride would love to have carried this.

I created this bouquet for a sorority sister's wedding and I fell in love with it. It is definitely in my top favorite bouquets...this color scheme became inspiration for my wedding, I loved it so much.

This wedding was gorgeous. It was at the Unitarian Church and the space is just so simple and pretty. This bouquet was gorgeous and made the church shine. I loved it.

My girlfriend from high school was getting married and I was not 100% sure what I thought about this color scheme before the wedding. But, it came together sooo beautifully. I fell in love and thought the flowers on her cake took it from simple to stunning.

I have some other pictures of favorites that I will post soon! We did some awesome weddings!


  1. You two girls surely did some beautiful work with flowers. Aren't you glad you captured everything in pictures so you can still enjoy it? I love your blog, Katie, and I check it out often. That sounds like a good group that Brenna has gotten together. You girls are great!

  2. I agree, Katie, you are super talented with flowers. You have great taste!


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