New Client - Sage Culinary Studio!

I am really excited to show you guys the logo I created for Sage Culinary Studio! I mentioned Catherine’s new business (a cooking school for kids---but really it is so much more than that) in a posting last week and I am so excited to be able to contribute to her new endeavor. Her color scheme in the store and studio space is a soothing and warm color palette of ivory, sage and plum. Her space is awesome. And, I wanted to reflect that in her logo --I love how sophisticated the design turned out. Catherine had a lot of input and was super easy to work with. She really got me excited about my work and even more excited about her project!

Sage will have both retail space and a kitchen for the “chefs” to create their food masterpieces. Her store will sell unique kitchen items for both kids and adults. And, her studio will house her classes. I love her different course sessions for kids (the names are so cute & clever):

Kinder Chef Couples (3-4 year old children)
This is a child-with-adult class in which you and your child will have an opportunity to cook and socialize with other Kinder Chef Couples.

Foodies (5-8 year old children)
The Foodies will be preparing and tasting a variety of foods to increase their appreciation for foods they may not currently be enjoying.

Sous Chefs (9 years old and above)
The Sous Chefs will enjoy preparing meals and desserts that will impress families and friends alike.

Home School Children
The Kinder Chefs, Foodies, and Sous Chef classes will be available earlier in the day for home schoolers.

This is a one time class for organizations and clubs (scouts, daycare centers, churches, schools, etc.) Classes must be requested 15 days in advance of desired date and time and cannot be scheduled during a regular class time.

Her classes for the little ones will be an hour long and for those a little older they will be 90 minutes, leaving the parents some time to grab some dinner in Brookside ! (She is so smart!) So, the kids will be fed and entertained and the parents will have had a night out. It does not get much better than that!

Feel free to email Catherine if you are interested in learning more about her classes, want to schedule a birthday party or have a session for your mommy & me group!

I am hoping she adds classes for adults rather quickly --- we all know I need all the help I can get. And, well, Tommy could use a little help too!


  1. I'm so excited for Catherine! I can't wait to check out the store once it is open :-)


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