Replica Dogs

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of miniatures. Love them, love them, love them!!! I am also a huge fan of things that are supersized, i.e. on our cruise ship they had a human heighth chess set. So fun!

Anyway, I was on Etsy the other day (where do I find time for this???) and I was looking up miniatures and came across the shop, Kay's K9s. As I mentioned yesterday, I am a little frugal and Tommy is way worse ; ), so these felt replica dogs for $180 would never fly in my house, but I thought they were too funny and adorable not to pass on! (Just so you know, I did find someone else on Etsy who makes them for $20 -- she didn't have many in her portfolio, but I will be willing to see if she can do it and pass on the info to you guys if she can make a Carter & Pudge replica.)

What is cool too is that these are all made from felt!

This Schnauzer below is the one from the girl I emailed, her replica was only $, we will see! If she can do it, guess what everyone is getting for Christmas ; )!


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