Clever or Creepy? Mostly Creepy

So, I was thinking about my hanging baby bathroom invention today and how funny that was once I saw a visual. So, in search of a good laugh I googled “ funny inventions.” OMG – there is some funny stuff out there. Who knew, there are millions of websites devoted to comical, dumb, creative (pick your adjective) inventions?

Funny Doctor Masks - Can you imagine if you looked up and saw your dentist in this????? CREEPY!!!

Honestly??? No way this can be for real. That must be one heck of a commute!

This one just gave me a creepy, weird feeling…those hands!!!

Isn't this what hats are for???

I love this antitheft device. They are stickers for your bike or car to make them look aged so no one will steal it! It is certainly less expensive than installing an alarm.

In brief reflection on these "inventions," it got me thinking that with a little ambition and a bit of passion, any thing you can imagine can become reality. Deep...


  1. Those all have me cracking up! People are so strange...

    Just think, if I'd had those stickers, maybe my car would never have been stolen--twice!



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