Let's Get Personal

I love personalization. It says “I took some extra time and thought about you and your gift.” Online photo retailers have capitalized on this (in a good way) and I am always amazed at all the fun things you can do with pictures!

I absolutely love these! First, it is so cool to actually “publish” your own book. But, as a business owner, this is an awesome way to showcase your products to a potential reseller, show items to clients, or just to have on hand if something is out of stock. I have one from my floral design business with pictures from our portfolio and I absolutely love it. My sister and I made a photobook of the Habitat House built last Fall in memory of my dad. We included pictures of everyone that worked on the house, the progress and the homeowners, and in the front and back cover included a picture and thoughts my dad would have had about us working on this house. We presented a copy of the book to my mom and homeowner at the dedication. This may be one of the best gifts my sister and I ever got our mom!

Now, I know people have been making these for years and having them printed at Kinkos. Now, there is an affordable option for personalized calendars. We get my in-laws, Tommy’s grandma and my mom one every year. The fun thing too is that even the “date” on the actual calendar can have a picture. So, on my birthday I will put a picture of myself to remind all of my family to not forget me!

These are so cool! You can create custom skins for your laptop or iphone. How sweet would Carter and Pudge look on an ipod???

My friend’s (Brenna) husband makes and bottles his own wine. How cool are these??? I told her I would totally make her some for him for Christmas! I think they would be great for any gift or favor! Love them!

There are so many other fun things! I will post more soon. I am already thinking of Christmas and how some of this would make such a great gift!


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