So Clever!

I love graphical details! Seriously, I have a strange attraction to polka dots, paisleys and colors. It is a sickness! Looking through posts on one of my graphic design forums, I came across links to creative business cards. I love these details. It inspires me to think outside of the box for all of my clients. Since business cards are the first "look" at your brand it should be a great reflection of your business. If you put the extra details into your business cards, your customer will know that you will put the extra details and extraordinary creativity into their project! I love it!!

See these sites:

Part 1
I love the stretchy card for the personal trainer!
The clear cards are also really cool. I have a vendor that provides those for my clients and they look so professional. They also would make a great "gift card."

Part 2

Part 3
The hair dresser card with the bobby pins included is so great. I also LOVE the card for the forensic reasearcher company! It is so awesome. I would love to get one of those! Ha!

If you guys have ever seen some great cards I would love to see to them!


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