So, I mentioned earlier that my goal is to make a $2 million dollars by age 32. (I am visualizing it, just like the book the Secret tells me to do.) I figure unless I win the lottery to make that happen I need to invent something. When I was visiting Shreveport a few weeks ago an idea came to me when I asked my cousin’s wife what she did with the baby if she was by herself shopping and needed to go to the bathroom. (I know, random, but seriously I think of these things). She said she would just hold it until she had to get home. And, like Donny Deutsch says—“There has got to be a better way!” So, I decided I have to invent something that can be like a shopping cart cover, baby bjorn thing (I have been to a lot of baby showers), that can also hang over the back of the stall so that a mom or dad can go to the bathroom while they are out and about. My small focus group of my cousin and his wife were totally into it. I had a brilliant, million dollar idea.

As everyone knows, the first step to starting any business is to google your product and make sure it does not already exist.. So, I googled “bathroom stall baby holder.” And, sure enough, my idea was so brilliant it has already been invented. (I must admit, though, this was positive reinforcemen that I do have good ideas every once in awhile.) So, I clicked on the site and to my dismay, I found this:

I laughed hysterically. For some reason the image of the child hanging over the stall is just too funny. I am sure my day will come....


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