For those of you that have read my blog since the beginning (all 3 of you), you might remember when I had my "sculptures" made of Pudge and Carter.

Well, yesterday Pudge had an untimely death....at either his own paws or Carter's. It's a toss-up. It could have been either one.

In other news, I am more of a "cook out of a box" kind of girl, and I had to share one of my favorite muffins - Betty Crocker Cinnamon Struesel. Your significant other (and you) will love.

Since you are all going on my decorating journey with me, I had to share my new print from Pier 1. (Sorry it still has the tag on it. I am just keeping it real. And it was on sale. And I have had it for over a week and still have not hung it. And I have no idea where I am going to put it.)

Carter's new hiding spot. That would be amidst my winter clothes in my closet.

And check out my niece Olivia's my recent professional pics. I think she might be Ralph Lauren's next baby model!

And, Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother-in-Law! We appreciate all you do for us! (Which is a ton!!!)


  1. May the sweet, kind, and ever so tiny, Pudge rest in mini-sculptured peace. He was loved by many, and admired by all. He touched many lives in his short time in your home and in bloggerville. Bow-wow, old friend.

    And sweet Olivia. I can't even go there. So cute!

  2. Poor mini Pudge! I remember how excited you were about your first commissioned pieces of art! I have to admit I was laughing when I saw the picture of what's left of him :-( I hope that's not mean but it's funny! I wonder what made him attack himself?

  3. P.S. Olivia is precious!

  4. Hi, Katie,
    I do remember how excited you were about your miniatures of Pudge and Carter, and I am sad for you!! On a happier note, all your nieces and nephews are beutiful.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Wow, this post has hit on some great topics!

    1. RIP sculptured Pudge. I hope Carter got to you (though I have my doubts) because otherwise you're all living with a cannibal.
    2. LOVE that print! I've had my eye on those prints at Pier 1 for a long time- great choice!
    3.Love me some Betty. Love me some cinnamon muffins.
    4. I think Carter is hiding from Pudge and his cannibalistic ways..
    5.What a gorgeous baby! You and Tommy are going to have a lot to live up to with all those adorable nieces and nephews!

    The end.


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