A Cupcake Update

Since I refused to take pictures of the heavenly cupcakes at Sam's I went and bought some just for you guys. It was really a chore.

I absolutely HATED having these in my house.

That is totally a joke. I loved having these in my house.

And because this is my blog and I can digress, I had to share the most adorable donuts that we got from our our KFOR/KAUT sales rep from OK Country Donuts. Now, keep in mind the call letters are KFOR, not KBOR as shown (there was a little issue with the message on the phone to the shop), but you get the idea. Cuteness!


  1. Those donuts are awesome!
    I thought they were cookies :)

  2. Yummy!!! Thanks for doing further research for us :)

  3. Totally went today and bought 2 boxes of cupcakes at Sams. Granted, Cooper was with me so I passed this splurge off as "he really wanted them, Dad" but secretly.....I have a feeling I will be gaining several summer pounds from those. Tried one at my mom's house the other day (hey...she's with it - she reads your blog too!) and they were delicious!!! Thanks for the tip! love,Jennifer


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