Hidden Treasures

If this post is lame, please blame Kelsey. She made me write this.

For lunch Friday, I had Sam’s Club pizza. At Sam’s Club. Is that so wrong? I mean, surely I am not the only one who goes 5 miles out of my way to eat lunch in the Food Court at Sam’s, right? :::crickets chirping::: I mean my sister met me there and all. It is not like I ate there alone again.

So I didn’t take a picture (see the full review from the Tulsa Food Blog – proof that I am not the only one who eats at Sam’s), but look how good this pizza looks:

I got all this and a drink for $2.69. Tell me, where else can you get lunch for $2.69? Nowhere. That’s where.

So, after lunch, I told my sister we needed to stroll the aisles and see what we could nab for dessert. You know, the free samples? Well, we hit the freaking dessert JACKPOT, people! They were giving away Cheesecake Factory cheesecake AND the most amazing frozen cupcakes. Well, they were thawed, obviously, for the tasting.

My options were, chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. I clearly had some big decisions. So, I did what any sane person scraping by for dessert would do, battled it out with my sister and made her share so that we could sample more than one. (For some reason the sampler didn’t seem to want to give us an extra so that we could try the cupcake trifecta. Rude.)

(Note, these are not the actual cupcakes. I was too into eating mine to take a picture...and wouldn't that be kind of weird to whip out your camera at Sam's? Photo courtesy of Spoiled Little LA Girls.)

Each cupcake (at least the vanilla and red velvet) was really moist, delicious and had the most beautiful icing on it! The swirl was beautiful and in the vanilla, you could even see the vanilla beans in the frosting, along with white chocolate chips. The red velvet had a heavenly cream cheese topping that was to die for. I didn’t get the calorie count, but it was zero since this was a free sample, but the price was UH-MAZING – 30 for $9.98. Score. Though, I actually didn’t score any…I didn’t want to bring them all to work and not share. Awkward.

I sent Kelsey to Sam’s to try them herself (well, she happened to be going anyway) and she did a little dirty work for me. The cupcakes are called iCakes and from digging online they appear to be manufactured by the Cheesecake Factory. So, there you have it. That is why they taste good even after sitting in the freezer. Oh, and doing even more research (the things I do for you guys), these are apparently the cupcakes they sell at Starbucks now.

Okay, so now, fill me in on your favorite dining spot that you would DIE if anyone ever caught you there. Or just share your favorite hidden food treasure. I won’t judge if you go anonymous. XOXO - Katie


  1. Hi, Katie,
    The pizza and cupcakes look divine!!! My neighbors went to Sam's the other day after work - just to eat pizza!!! Thanks for all your research - you're the best!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. love the post katie, i have a smile on my face! kels

  3. Katie you just crack me up!!! Waiting for more pics of your latest decorating....

  4. I've eaten lunch at Sam's before. If I have to run there over my lunch break why not eat for under $3. I've also been known to eat at QT which isn't a bad little lunch spot.

  5. Hi Katie! I swear that people do the same thing at Costco up in Kansas City. Everytime I pass by the food court section it is packed! No shame in that at all, good deal on food and it is good. And you can't beat the free samples either.

    My food place of shame in Tulsa is Taco Bueno, only because we don't have them in Kansas City.

    Katie Eagan Ernzen

  6. yummmy! omg taking pics at sams club- hysterical!

  7. I've never had Sam's pizza but after seeing that picture (and the price), I will be going soon! YUM! Heck, I may even have to go by there after work today - I can't get it out of my head. :)

  8. I seriously just made fun of someone last week for eating lunch at Sam's Club! :) :)

    If I can still use my old Rollins card and sneak in, I'll have to try it sometime!


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