Swagger Wagon

Seriously, I have to give Sienna props. They have made the minivan less dorky. And I kind of want to be friends with this couple. Check out all the videos here.


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I DVR everything so that I don't have to watch commercials, and I just sat here and watched everyone of these Sienna commercials. Those are really cute and entertaining!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Ok, so I like that couple......but I still don't want a mini-v. So, yay for the marketing company for giving the husband teeny glasses and skinny jeans; yes I think at one time he liked Nirvana so he is close to my age group.

    And your product research did well for thinking te mom could have a 'spa day' whilst in the mini van. But, truthfully, if Luke found me doing that, he would be looking for the exhaust hose quicker than keeping the sweet little one away from the door while my nails were drying.

    That said...I like the couple and I would totally buy them a pizza...and a gift card to a record store/coffee shop/Whole Foods simply because I think the guy is into that kind of thing.

  3. Does this mean you would consider a "swagger wagon"?. love mom

  4. Does anyone else think that lady looks like Marsha Brady? We were given a Sienna once as a rental...Andy said he liked how it drove. I hope that doesn't mean there's a swagger wagon in my future!
    M. Brown


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