I need a vaca...

So I haven't left the state of Oklahoma since November and I am itching to go somewhere. What I really want to do is go on a Mediterranean cruise, but damn the airline industry with their exorbitant fares from Tulsa to Barcelona. Seriously, I cannot justify paying two times more for my plane tickets than I am for my cruise. Sigh.

With Southwest's fabulous airfare specials through tomorrow it looks like we are in for a trip within the contiguous United States. (Somehow I think this will be better than Tommy's idea of a trip on a tankful.)

I have narrowed it down to the following. I need your help. Have you guys been to any of these places before? Would you go back? What was your favorite thing to do? Give me your thoughts!

• Austin
• Albuquerque/Santa Fe
• Boston - but I am thinking more Maine/Rhode Island. I went to Boston once, and don't kill me, but I didn't really think it was that great.
• Los Angeles
• Philadelphia
• San Diego


  1. I say San Diego. I've never been but have heard great things! I also think the Maine area would be beautiful! Happy trip planning :)

  2. I live in Austin! It is a great city with lost of great food if you like to eat (= Good luck picking!!!


  4. I think you should do San Diego. Great weather + beach! BTW - what is not to like about Boston? We loved our Boston vacation :-)

  5. I think you should head up north. It is way too hot in the south! haha. Although all of those places sound great. We are heading to Philly in August.

  6. Hmmm.. well the Southwest deal is only for certain dates, right? I would not recommend going to Austin this summer (Too HOT!), but if it's the fall it would be fun! Really though, I would recommend San Diego. Gorgeous weather, great city and lots to do!

  7. You deserve a vaca! I vote for San Diego, and head over to La Jolla! It's a great place to relax.


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