Cut a Rug living room is my never ending project. The rug that we had gotten (see here) is too small and Pier 1 doesn't make it in an 8x10. So it has been taken back and the process of finding something both Tommy and I like is getting to be a little daunting. The annoying thing about buying online is that while the shipping may be free, most places have you pay to return it, which I have a feeling will be a pretty penny for an enormous rug.

Oh, and I happen to be super picky. Who knew? I am wanting a lighter color rug (beige/tan/khaki) with sage, red, brown and orange...basically warm colors in a large graphic floral pattern and not tufted so that the rug doesn't pull when you vacuum it. Easy, right? Yeah, not so much.

Here is the rug I am totally in love with. (Thanks Megan : ) For some reason Tommy won't go with the $800 price tag. I even have a 10% off coupon...that isn't working. Megan even tried to use the rationale that if we keep it for 8 years we are really only paying $100 a year for the rug. Yeah...that didn't really work. Don't you just love?????

So far the only other rugs I have found are this one. I am wondering, though, if it will be too dark...our room is pretty dark and I am going to have a dark leather couch. Do you like the one below better or this one from Overstock (for some reason it won't let me pull the picture) better? I am thinking I like this one better....
This rug is just okay....not loving it, but think the lighter color would help lighten up our dark living room. Ugh. Decisions, decisions. Let me know what you guys think.
Also, if I have missed somewhere for rugs online or in person, let me know where I should go. I have searched Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Target, Overstock, Home Decorators Collection, The Great Indoors, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, we even went to Aminis, and JC Penney.


  1. You must get the $800.00 one-I love it! I also like the light one (last one) if you can't talk him into $$$$$ one. Come on Katie I thought I raised you better than that. Let him pick out a weedeater or something. LOL Love ya, MO

  2. Of course, I love the expensive one the most. haha! I really like the paisley one you have pictured here. I think the colors are really nice.

  3. This may be a stretch, but does your city have a HomeGoods? I LOVE the selection of rugs there. Also, don't forget to try Lowe's and Home Depot, they carry great rugs too.

    PS I love the more expensive one too.

  4. Such smart readers you have, Katie! I agree with emilyc-Homegoods is really great!! I love them!

    Although I do like the expensive one a ton, honestly, I like the other two better. I am of the firm belief that my rugs need to be able to withstand wine spills and dog barf without me wanting to either give up the Franzia or get rid of Charlie (Jock is a saint). So, if money were no object, then go with the one you like better.....but I like the other two for the increased value. (You are welcome, Tommy). Plus, if you hate in a year or two, Tommy will be more likely to be on board to get a new one! ;)

    I also like the dark colors and think it will look good with the couch you have chosen. We have a light colored couch and lighter rug (that I actually god off ebay four, or so, years ago) and I don't think it looks too washed out b/c it is light on light....just as I don't think it will look too dark if you opt for a darker rug.

    Just my thoughts! Keep us posted!

  5. Great suggestions, you guys! I loved the rugs on the Home Goods site...we don't seem to have one within a 100 miles. Boo! Jane, maybe I need to make a trip to Houston soon!

  6. Yep 800 rug is the one! It's so you! Good job Megan!

  7. Have you looked at Ballard Designs? I just ordered a few things from there the other day....LOVE them!!!

  8. Check out Target...seriously, they have a beautiful rug (and you can choose between a cream background or chocolate brown background) with the colors you have mentioned. My sister has this rug in a large version (at least 8 by 10) and then a few runners. I only wish my husband would let me put a floral rug in our house. Lucky!

  9. Oy! Why is Tommy being so difficult? If my husband aka Cheapo Felipo can spring for an $800 rug (and we bought two in addition to that one) so can Tommy. The C&B rug is so beautiful and will just make your living room complete.


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